Road name change a can of worms!

To the Editor: The name change of John Tuttle Road has opened a can of worms. I am a property owner and attended the Feb. 13 Town of Middletown board meeting to voice my concerns and opposition. I was joined by my father and aunt and uncle. They are also property owners on John Tuttle Road. I am on the […]

Do we accept this festering wound?

To the Editor: In response to Don Kalibat’s letter to the editor (4/10/19 CMN), I’d like to remind readers of the News that the Catskills weren’t part of the Confederacy. Read the plaque on the Soldier’s Monument at Courthouse Square, Delhi for a refresher. That the Delaware County Fair ever allowed the sale of the Confederate flag is a stain […]

Deceptive labeling squelches discussion

To the Editor: In the 4/3 – 4/9 issue of CMN, a letter appeared recounting the efforts of a group of people to influence the running of the Delaware County Fair. Their demand, in general, was to prohibit the sale of “Confederate flag merchandise,” and later, “Confederate and other racist merchandise.” My issue here is the deceptive tactic of labeling; […]

Confederate flag should go

To the Editor: In a meeting on March 25, almost 40 area residents opposed to the sale of Confederate flag merchandise at the Delaware County Fair confronted leaders of the local Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE), demanding that Cornell should not support a fair that allows these racist materials to be sold. The Delaware County Cornell Cooperative Extension provides major support […]

Addressing Anti-Semitic Incidents in Our Community

To the Editor: On Sunday morning, March 17, the Jewish Federation of Ulster County became aware of the anti-Semitic workplace harassment which had taken place at Mother Earth’s Storehouse in Kingston during the week starting on Monday March 11th. Members of the Federation’s Community Relations Committee have reached out to the employee’s family to offer support, help and guidance. Committee […]

Poets save people

To the Editor: In 1991 my first husband shot me in the chest with a shotgun. In 1996 my younger brother killed himself with a shotgun. There was Columbine and Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Walmart and Parkland. Everyday approximately 100 people don’t escape death as I did. I can’t list all the cities and all the statistics of gun violence […]


NY needs early voting To the Editor: New York State can now join 32 other states, including such liberal bastions as Texas and South Dakota, in allowing no excuse early voting; but only if the state budget contains dedicated funding for this purpose. New legislation allowing for nine days of early voting before each election beginning this year was signed […]

What’s happened to competitive skiing

To the Editor: Despite the havoc played by the uncertain weather conditions this winter, the Section 4 high school ski teams, on paper, had a successful season with Roxbury Central School and Margaretville Central school dominating local Delaware County results. However, upon reviewing the results of the Sectional standings, it has become obvious that our northwestern neighbor, Ithaca High school, […]

What Will It Take?

To the Editor: As I struggle to keep going in Donald Trump’s wake (usually mutely but sometimes with raised voice and banner), while America’s not-so-grandmarshal preens and prances and twitters his baton at the head of his nonstop Self-Pride Parade, doubts often slow my step. For instance: What will it take for GOPoliticians to stop enabling this enemy of the […]

Social programs without socialism

To the Editor: President Trump and federal Republican elected officials have a two-pronged strategy for re-election: First, demonize impoverished, darker-skinned immigrants as dangerous criminals. Never mind that they arrive at our southern border unarmed and half of them in flip-flops or that the crime rate among undocumented people is lower than native-born. Second, discredit social programs as creeping socialism. The […]

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