New Kingston should be delayed

To the Editor: The New Kingston septic system vote is very confusing; not just to the property owners in New Kingston, but also to the Town of Middletown who approved the packet sent to property owners. Through their Special Counsel, in Albany, the Town sent out a six page packet with instructions, exhibits, statements and absentee ballot forms to property […]

Trump not exonerated by Mueller

To the Editor: Contrary to the parroted assertions of a few local Republicans, the Mueller report did not clear the President. Rather it is a roadmap for both impeachment and removal from office by Congress, and multiple felony indictments and conviction upon his leaving office. Lest there be any doubt, Mueller made this abundantly clear in his statement this past […]

Support of Trump is sinful

To the Editor: Recently, I wrote an open letter inviting Trump supporters to engage in dialogue with me. Most I met with called Trump, usually in less polite terms, “a lowlife” and “unprincipled.” Yet they all said they’ll vote for him again in 2020, because of “the great things he’s done for our country.” Many referred to their Christianity in […]

It’s not a game

To the Editor: While I am reluctant to generalize about large groups of people – races, genders, political parties – the letter “Game Not Over” in the 5/8 – 5/14 issue of the News is an example of the chanting associated with Democrats. Nothing personal against Democrats, yet this seems to serve a political agenda instead of their punctuated “…for […]

Game not over

To the Editor: I am writing in response to Kurt Holcherr’s Letter to the Editor regarding the Mueller Report. Kurt makes a lot of claims that are simply wrong and more to the point cannot be substantiated. First, we still do not know what evidence is in the Mueller Report. The public, the press and Congress have not yet seen […]

No excuse for high water rates

To the Editor: I’ll start by saying I very seldom get upset about things I have no control over. My take is usually “It is what it is.” However, when I got my quarterly water bill I became quite upset. I wasn’t happy when they raised the bill a year ago or so from $50 (which by the way is […]

Road name change a can of worms!

To the Editor: The name change of John Tuttle Road has opened a can of worms. I am a property owner and attended the Feb. 13 Town of Middletown board meeting to voice my concerns and opposition. I was joined by my father and aunt and uncle. They are also property owners on John Tuttle Road. I am on the […]

Do we accept this festering wound?

To the Editor: In response to Don Kalibat’s letter to the editor (4/10/19 CMN), I’d like to remind readers of the News that the Catskills weren’t part of the Confederacy. Read the plaque on the Soldier’s Monument at Courthouse Square, Delhi for a refresher. That the Delaware County Fair ever allowed the sale of the Confederate flag is a stain […]

Deceptive labeling squelches discussion

To the Editor: In the 4/3 – 4/9 issue of CMN, a letter appeared recounting the efforts of a group of people to influence the running of the Delaware County Fair. Their demand, in general, was to prohibit the sale of “Confederate flag merchandise,” and later, “Confederate and other racist merchandise.” My issue here is the deceptive tactic of labeling; […]

Confederate flag should go

To the Editor: In a meeting on March 25, almost 40 area residents opposed to the sale of Confederate flag merchandise at the Delaware County Fair confronted leaders of the local Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE), demanding that Cornell should not support a fair that allows these racist materials to be sold. The Delaware County Cornell Cooperative Extension provides major support […]

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