“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

One of my nieces told me in early November that she “could not wait for the Holiday season to begin.” I was happy for her and listened intently as to how she planned to celebrate each holiday. It seems to me that there is really no time to wait for the next holiday. Each year the business communities just can’t […]


It is interesting how my thoughts about Thanksgiving have changed over the years. Lately I have asked myself if I have, in fact, seen it as the opportunity it really can be to renew a commitment to thankfulness each year. I have no reason to be anything but thankful, in so many ways, and I need to remember that. Thankfulness […]

Hope in times of our passing

My father passed away earlier this month. It was not unexpected. He lived nearly nine decades, and only spent the last few years in a nursing home where he received excellent care. Just before his birthday in July I had asked him what he wanted for his birthday, to which he had responded quietly, “To go home.” I shared that […]


Once upon a time in the USASteeples as prophets stood pointing the way. A compass true north, needle directing,The soul of a nation, our culture connecting, Father, Son and Holy Ghost,Invisible truth but valued the most. And outposts from God’s heavenly nation,Received all of those coming through immigration, Then rallied her citizen-saints to fulfill,America beautiful, house on a hill. Today, […]

God has our backs

It’s that time of year! We hear the question everywhere we go. Along with the Christmas music, that is. “Have you had your flu shot yet?“ Well, like most people I know, of course I got that and a pneumonia shot, as well… last year. Good preventative medicine, you know. Nothing like being prepared! And, as you might suspect, I […]

Why I pray for the living and the dead

A s a Catholic priest, I espouse the Apostles Creed which has been part of the Christian Church’s beliefs since her early days. Some churches refer to this creed as the Baptismal Creed because it is used when administering the Sacrament of Baptism or welcoming someone into the Church. Yes I am a priest who is part of the Catholic […]

Autumn’s bounty

This is the season of the year that I am always struck with awe at the amazing beauty and bounty of autumn. The harvest of the field and forest, of tilled fields and natural bounty, fills me with new appreciation of the good and wonderful world created by God. When I drive by a farm stand offering the fruits of […]

Still children of Adam

Whenever texts are translated, literary nuances in the original necessarily get lost. Genesis 1, for an example, makes a fun little wordplay with the Hebrew adamah, meaning “ground,” or “dirt,” and the word adam, which means “man” (i.e.: “human being”). In the ancient Hebrew mind, the human person was characterized by a direct intimacy and connection with the land, and […]

Make me an instrument of your peace

A rguably the most celebrated Saint in the world today is Francis of Assisi, who lived in the thirteenth century. Most folks are familiar with him because of his love for nature, especially animals. There is the occasional lawn statue depicting him petting a creature of nature. There are many religious communities dedicated to his mission and charism. Many identify […]

Try prayer

I t’s been brought to my attention that there are many, many people who are searching for something that is missing from their lives. They are searching for something, but they don’t know what it is. They try to find anything to fill the void they feel inside. Some try food, or alcohol, or gambling, or any number of activities […]

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