Still children of Adam

Whenever texts are translated, literary nuances in the original necessarily get lost. Genesis 1, for an example, makes a fun little wordplay with the Hebrew adamah, meaning “ground,” or “dirt,” and the word adam, which means “man” (i.e.: “human being”). In the ancient Hebrew mind, the human person was characterized by a direct intimacy and connection with the land, and […]

Make me an instrument of your peace

A rguably the most celebrated Saint in the world today is Francis of Assisi, who lived in the thirteenth century. Most folks are familiar with him because of his love for nature, especially animals. There is the occasional lawn statue depicting him petting a creature of nature. There are many religious communities dedicated to his mission and charism. Many identify […]

Try prayer

I t’s been brought to my attention that there are many, many people who are searching for something that is missing from their lives. They are searching for something, but they don’t know what it is. They try to find anything to fill the void they feel inside. Some try food, or alcohol, or gambling, or any number of activities […]

Praying for the world to be saved

I am sure I’m not the first one to say to you that we are living in a very convoluted world right now. All one has to do is simply turn on the news to view all the different kinds of turmoil that exist. Fighting over oil, struggles in the Middle East, epidemics of drug misuse and abuse, active shooter […]

Passions, Addictions, Repentance, Renewal

Fly fishing began in the Catskills – on the Esopus and Schoharie on the Hudson side of the divide, and on the Beaverkill and Neversink on the Delaware side. To its devotees, fly fishing is a philosophical pursuit. In A River Runs Through It, Norman Maclean writes: “In our family there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing. […]

All work began at creation

Last weekend, at the close of the summer season, we celebrated Labor Day, a day to celebrate the lives of the men and women who go about life working; especially for the good of their families, but all taken together, working for the common good in whatever way they can supply the needs of the society in which we live. […]

Embrace the season

Fall, and a new school year, conjures up all kinds of feelings. Parents are usually relieved to see the routine of school return, even if it is sad in some ways to see the summer go. Some kids are ecstatic to return to school. Others not so much. But there is always a sense of excitement that accompanies a new […]

Christian, Jew, Muslim/Democrat, Republican, Independent

I t seems to me that today we are faced with so many issues in our society that we fail to resolve; until they have reached the point of becoming a crisis that hits us either collectively or personally. We can often find ourselves hiding behind the labels we identify ourselves with to justify either action or inaction. Shortly we […]

The purpose of pain

Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I keep your Word. Psalm 119:67 Although pain is never welcome and basically treated as public enemy number one in today’s world, some forms of human hardship and affliction are generally accepted as unfortunate realities. Whether a physical pain, relational discord, psychological distress, or spiritual disillusionment, affliction is an unwelcome visitor […]

Count your blessings


Whew! August already! I don’t know about you, but the extremes in the heat certainly slowed me down. I always start the summer like a kid getting out of school for the summer…big plans, days loaded with stuff to do outside, and vacation! No room on my calendar to fit anything more. And then I remember the “dog days” of […]

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