Salt Alternatives for the Homeowner

Well, the predicted Armageddon blizzard fiddled out for most of our area, although up north, in some places in Saratoga County, they did get 24 inches or so of snow. In the Catskills, Hudson Valley region, the snow totals were more like 5 to 9 inches due to a mixture of rain and and sleet. The weather forecasters did get […]

Assembly majority


Up the river Local leaders pulling for Kingston’s Kevin Cahill for state assembly majority leader weren’t terribly disappointed when Speaker Carl Heastie of the Bronx appointed nine-term veteran Crystal Peoples- Stokes, 67, of Buffalo. Neither was Cahill. Under assembly rules, the choice of majority leader, who serves as floor manager on legislation, is left strictly to the speaker, elected by […]

Historic winter storms

This last week, a snow and ice storm hit the area and this week, we got hit again. In addition to lots or snow, some places like my own hometown Bovina, experienced flooding. It comes with the territory of living in Upstate New York, and throughout history there are stories of poor weather in the area and how people dealt […]

Grow your own

There was a time in the 60’s and 70’s when “home grown” meant that the pot you were talking about was probably grown in someone’s back yard and was very likely of inferior quality to “store bought.” Today pot is being legally grown in many states, including New York, for medical or recreational use. “Store bought” pot in those days, […]

Maloney fights back!


“Bustin’ rocks in the hot sun. I fought the law and the law won.” Bobby Fuller Four, 1960. The Ulster County ethics board didn’t sentence maverick legislator Joe Maloney to hard labor, but they did fine him $7,000 – half his annual legislative salary – in a closed-door session, for violation of the county’s ethics code. To wit, the five-member […]

How I grew closer to God


During this time of year many of us make resolutions but few of them are kept. Why? Positive habits take effort where negative habits seem easy to get into and don’t require much effort. It is quite easy to find oneself with a problem like alcoholism because all you have to do is bend your elbow. It is not so […]

Thinking green

It is almost mid-January and I just got my first seed catalogue in the mail. In years past I would have had half a dozen or more by now, but thankfully, these businesses can take a hint when you don’t buy from them for several years. I wish the credit card solicitors would take the same hint! This catalogue is […]

Life before maple syrup

Growing up, breakfast seemed to be something I checked in the box before leaving the house to catch the school bus. First of all, I wasn’t much of a “morning person” back then, unless I had something specific to do. Sure, I got up early, but I wouldn’t say I was “awake” in any meaningful way before 8:00 a.m. My […]

News from our Yellowed Pages

There is much that people are unhappy with in the current political environment. Politics are a messy subject in modern days, and unfortunately, it has been this way for many generations. George Washington imagined a nation without political parties; one where the government answers to the people. Often throughout history, people are unhappy with the way things are being run. […]

Looking forward


My preview column ordinarily appears in the first or second edition of the new year. This year, we’ve already had two major news items occur (an over ride of an Ulster County Executive veto and the announcement that said County Executive will be leaving his post) and those items bumped the preview column. So here it is. In the coming […]

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