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Three on a match

Kingston’s three-way race for mayor seemed something of a laugher back last summer when almost nobody was paying attention. Not now, as the days dwindle down to a Nov. 5 faceoff between Democratic incumbent Steve Noble, Republican challenger Ellen DiFalco and independent party candidate Vince Rua. Conventional wisdom would suggest that an incumbent with a better than 3-2 enrollment advantage […]

Numbers, please

A nd now the baseball scores: 5-2, 4-3, and a 2-0 shutout! It’s an old joke, which is not to make light of Ulster Count executive Pat Ryan’s first official budget presentation, Thursday, Oct. 3 at the Maritime Museum in Kingston, only to say, you gotta tell ‘em what the budget is. Ryan did give his hand-picked audience of about […]

Stocking stuffer

Item: Ryan plans to sell TechCity Really? The only problem is the county doesn’t own TechCity. The half-vacant former IBM plant in the Town of Ulster has been owned by Westchester businessman Alan (“I am not the Messiah”) Ginsberg for more than 20 years. And while it’s “on the market,” Ginsberg can’t be forced to sell to anyone. The county […]

Hinchey relaunch

If the election for state senate in the 46th district was held on Monday on the lawn of the Senate House in Kingston, Democratic candidate Michelle Hinchey would win by about 99-1. Or so sayeth the sooths. But it was Monday, Sept. 23, a bright, warm day where about 100 Democrats (and maybe one Republican spy) gathered to hear fellow […]

Economic development high priority for Ulster

The door had barely hit the underperforming economic development director Suzanne Holt in the butt when her successor was announced last Monday. Clearly, for the Pat Ryan administration, approaching its 100th day in office next week, building the county’s long-dormant economy is a top priority. But did they consider all the options? Veteran county employee Lisa Berger got the nod. […]

Chasing Antonio

Ulster Executive Pat Ryan probably won’t catch Rep. Antonio Delgado in their informal town hall meeting race, but at least he’s trying. Delgado, with a four-month head start, and almost four times as many constituents, currently leads 22-12. Democrat Ryan, who took office on June 7 and is on the ballot for a full four-year term in November against Republican […]

Second thoughts on early voting

Early voting – like nine days before an election – is apparently an idea whose time has come. But is it a good idea for everyone? Ulster County voters will be offered the opportunity to vote on the weekends of Oct. 26 and Nov. 3, prior to this year’s Nov. 5 local elections. In terms of voter convenience and turnout, […]

Republicans reach out. Really?


I f, as the Chinese say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, Ulster County’s Republican Party, decades in decline, could be making a comeback. But there’s miles to go before they reap. For those who missed it, and apparently almost everybody did, the county GOP committee ran a quarter-page color ad in Sunday’s Freeman announcing […]

Hinchey? Maybe it’s time

A bout a month ago, Michelle Hinchey, the 31-year-old daughter of former assemblyman and congressman Maurice Hinchey, announced that she was considering a run for state senate next year. I waited a while for public opinion to percolate, however unscientific and informal word of mouth might be. Mostly, it’s been more about curiosity, some intrigue, a bit of nostalgia. “Mo” […]

Brenda prevails

With three Democrats breaking ranks and joining a solid Republican minority, Republican Brenda Maloney was appointed to fill her late husband Jim Maloney’s seat in the county legislature, with but one vote to spare. Democrats Joe Maloney of Saugerties, Laura Petit of Esopus and Hector Rodriguez of New Paltz voted with ten Republicans to provide the winning margin. A minimum […]

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