Gardening Tips

Valentine’s Day

This week we celebrate Valentine’s Day, one of the oldest and most popular holidays observed all over this planet. From China to Finland, almost every country on earth celebrates this Holiday. More than one billion Valentine’s Day cards will be sent worldwide, but how many of the senders or recipients actually know how this Holiday came about? The history of […]


A s we approach Superbowl Sunday, another polar vortex has descended upon the region with some ridiculously low temperatures and wind chills. I suspect that some of you are living in what appears to be ice palaces, as we enter the shortest month of the year. A reader of last week’s column about deicing salt passed on a great suggestion […]

Salt Alternatives for the Homeowner

Well, the predicted Armageddon blizzard fiddled out for most of our area, although up north, in some places in Saratoga County, they did get 24 inches or so of snow. In the Catskills, Hudson Valley region, the snow totals were more like 5 to 9 inches due to a mixture of rain and and sleet. The weather forecasters did get […]

Grow your own

There was a time in the 60’s and 70’s when “home grown” meant that the pot you were talking about was probably grown in someone’s back yard and was very likely of inferior quality to “store bought.” Today pot is being legally grown in many states, including New York, for medical or recreational use. “Store bought” pot in those days, […]

Thinking green

It is almost mid-January and I just got my first seed catalogue in the mail. In years past I would have had half a dozen or more by now, but thankfully, these businesses can take a hint when you don’t buy from them for several years. I wish the credit card solicitors would take the same hint! This catalogue is […]

New Years Resolutions

Gardening Tips

Happy New Year to all of you dear readers! I sincerely hope that 2019 is a great year for you and for the entire world. 2018 was a wonderful year for me. I got to officiate two weddings for four y oung people that I dearly love. I continue to feel good both physically and mentally. A couple of chronic […]

Care of holiday gift plants

I hope that you had a lovely Christmas holiday, or whatever Winter Solstice holiday you happen to celebrate. If you were fortunate to receive a beautiful Poinsettia plant, or buy one for yourself, here is how to take care of it. First of all, remember that this is a decoration first and a houseplant second! Put it somewhere that it […]

Holiday gifts for gardeners

It is time for my annual gift shopping column. I don’t miss winter a bit after hearing about the cold and wet weather that has already hit most of the Capital District/Hudson Valley region. This early start may portend a nasty winter for northerners in general. Christmas in Florida is a little bit hard to become accustomed to, but after […]

Local Christmas Trees

Much of this week’s column was written by Paul Hetzler. Paul is with Cornell Cooperative Extension of St Lawrence County. Check out where humor and science collide. Paul is a good writer and his nature essays are always entertaining. I have written and reprinted my same Xmas tree column for too may years now, so this year I will […]

Fiddler Manure (Crab Crap)

I have been in Florida almost 3 weeks now, but it feels like I got here only a few days ago. Time flies when you are warm and the fish are biting! I am writing this week’s column from my motel room (River Haven Marina on the Steinhatchee River), which is located on the Gulf coast in an area known […]

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