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Garden pests

This summer’s weather has returned to some semblance of “normal” we enter the middle of August. It has been a bit warmer than “normal” with more than 12 days above 90 degrees already recorded in Albany and also a bit wetter due to hit and miss Thundershowers that mostly have “missed” my garden. That’s OK with me after a very […]

What is wrong with my tomatoes?

Well, somehow, it is already August and this is when many garden insect pests begin to show up as well as diseases. It is frustrating to work so hard to get all your vegetables planted and nurtured only to have them damaged or destroyed by pests of all sorts. In some cases the current pest problems could have been avoided […]

Fish and Forests

This week’s column was written by my friend Paul Heltzer from Cornell Cooperative Extension of St Lawrence County. As an avid fisherman, I found this to be very interesting and relevant to our region. Readers who wish to contact Paul can do so via e-mail at If it weren’t for tree cover, cold-water fish species would not survive in […]

The second season

I t has been a long time since I have said “we could use some rain” as I write this on July 17th. The weather pattern we have settled into with warm, muggy, days triggering late afternoon thunderstorms may or may not provide some much needed precipitation, depending on where you live. Make sure you have some rain barrels set […]

Senior Gardening

The topic for this week’s column was precipitated by the passing of an old acquaintance of mine, who I had not seen in about 5 years. So this week I will offer advice for those of my generation and pepper it with phrases and expressions from my younger days. I hope those of you who are not in this category […]

Plants that burn

The recent summer like weather and ample rainfall has really accelerated the growth of our gardens, as well as the weeds that compete with them. Last year at this time I was complaining about the serious drought we had experienced for the previous summers of 2016, 2017, as well as early in the summer of 2018. Well, that all changed […]

Garden Tips

This past week has featured heat, humidity, almost daily thunderstorms and summer like weather for a change. We sure don’t need the rain, but as long as it is just showers and not all day or all night soaking rains, the saturated soil will begin to dry out. Plants are finally growing at a rapid pace and the expanding vegetation […]

Summertime and It’s Still Raining!

Although the calendar says it is now officially summer, our weather has seemed far from what most of us consider as “summer” like. The rains that began in April and May have continued for much of June as well. The TV weatherman says we have had more rainy days than sunny days for the past 60 days. Some of these […]

Father’s day plants

Now that the spring rush of early season bloom has subsided we can focus on looking for plants that bloom in the middle of June or later. There are cultivars of most early spring flowering shrubs that are a bit later then the more common varieties. Let’s begin with lilacs. I happen to love the fragrance of lilacs and cannot […]

Home remedies: be careful

The weather remains wetter than most of us would like, but our gardens actually prefer moisture more than drought, generally. I hope you are taking advantage of the surplus rain by collecting rainwater in barrels for future use. Make sure you use something to deal with mosquitos that will quickly breed in any standing water. There is a product called […]

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