From the Forest

Slowing Down to Hear the Birds

When I was in my teens and first got into hiking mountains, I used to sprint up to the peak. I’d look around for a few minutes and then rush back to the car. I remember whizzing by one older gentleman on my way up Panther Mountain. As I passed him, he muttered, “You know you’re not supposed to run […]

Wood pirates

We’re spoiled here in the northeast; I mean at least as far as our wide selection of trees to choose from for burning. Obviously, many of these trees – when good quality – are better used for making wood products. However, this article is about burning wood and April 1st demarcates the beginning of re-squaring my wood piles after a […]

Adding depth to the forest

Igrew up in New Paltz, Ulster County in the 1980s. I didn’t know it at the time, but this little town sat at the cultural crossroads of upstate New York and New York City. I had friends on both sides of the cultural aisle. One wore fancy Italian dress shoes and spoke with a glimmer in his eye about the […]

Progress in the Forest

The more I learn about the forests within these Catskill Mountains, the more I can’t wrap my head around one thing; The 19th and early 20th century. This time period is imprinted upon the landscape and seems to shout, “Here we are, look at all we did… you lazy guy.” Like so many others, I struggle to find enough time […]

Practicing Forestry in the Catskills

“The real world” I remember hearing that at forestry college. “When you get out in the real world, things will be different.” The world I was in at the time was college or the “academic world.” According to the dictionary, “academic” can be defined as “not of practical relevance; of only theoretical interest.” In other words, it’s something that has […]

Waste not want not

I remember some years ago cutting up a deer with a friend. When we got to the less desirable cuts – such as the ribs, shanks or parts of the brisket – he would state proudly, “Waste not want not.” Odds and ends of a firewood pile? “Waste not want not.” The last few drips of maple syrup adhering to […]

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