From the Forest

The practice of forestry requires no expert

I remember when I first returned home from a semester of Dendrology (identification of trees) and I really thought I knew something. I pointed to each tree and whispered its common name, “yellow poplar.” And then its Latin name Magnoliaceae Liriodendron tulipifera. And eastern hemlock (Pinaceae Tsuga canadensis) or red oak (Fagaceae Quercus rubra) or sugar maple (Aceraceae Acer saccharum). […]

From the Forest

Kids in the woods

According to Merriam- Webster’s Dictionary, something is “surreal” when it’s “marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream.” On the other hand, something is “nostalgic” when there is “longing for or thinking fondly of a past time or condition.” It seemed last week, while working in the woods, surreal and nostalgia grafted onto one another, sprouting memories and feelings […]

Socially elated fungi

I ’m looking at the 10- Day forecast as I often do. It seems like this week will be mostly dry, but July’s first week is calling for wet feet. Not only that, but temperatures are climbing into the 80s here and there. I guess some like it hot, but definitely not I. Inside my utopian bubble, temperatures would range […]

Pin Oak – Perfect for Planting

I have become more or less fond of some trees over time, due to personal reasons. For instance, white pine’s magnificently towering ship-mast traits make it stand out in a field or forest setting. However, removing this same tree near someone’s home does cause some anxiety due to its abundant sticky sap and unpredictably brittle wood. After monkeying around in […]

Freeing an apple

I ’ve been walking by this one apple tree for about 10 years. In fact, I probably walked past it for a few years before actually noticing it. It was encased under grapevine. In summer, between the vine and high grass, it would make any scout-sniper jealous to compare his gilly suit with. But, this was an apple tree, not […]

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