He is Risen!


He is Risen! Halleluiah! Halleluiah indeed. Jesus has risen, however, on that Sunday morning all those years ago, no one knew. A group of women were on their way to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body, to pay their respects to him. What were the women doing as they walked along together? Did they talk about Jesus; what he had […]

Going, going…

County legislators like to talk about the “profound transitions” we’re going through now, what with the certainty of three county executives in less than as many months. Under the radar, there’s machination going on in the legislature itself over another succession saga, albeit still in the speculation stage. Recall, a few weeks ago when comptroller Elliott Auerbach was rumored to […]

Easter Plants, Snakes, Coyotes and Critters!

This is the last garden column that I will be writing from Florida for about 7 months. I have had a wonderful winter here in the Sunshine State, but I am homesick for the beautiful Catskill Mountain/Hudson Valley region that is my real home. It will be nice to return to a state where most drivers actually do use their […]

With All Your Heart: Making a New Thing

We have been involved in a Lenten sermon series in our church entitled “With All Your Heart,” and in this session we come to the idea of “Making a New Thing.” As we see in our reading from Isaiah, the pathway we are travelling on is now being made open to allow room for revision. Note what the Lord says […]

Slowing Down to Hear the Birds

When I was in my teens and first got into hiking mountains, I used to sprint up to the peak. I’d look around for a few minutes and then rush back to the car. I remember whizzing by one older gentleman on my way up Panther Mountain. As I passed him, he muttered, “You know you’re not supposed to run […]

Dante’s GOP

Ulster County’s rapidly-dwindling Republican Party has not engraved the words “Despair. All ye who enter here” over their Kingston headquarters, but they might after counting last week’s candidate petition filings. It’s been a helluva year for the GOP and it seems to be getting worse. With a minimum of 750 signatures required on county-wide nominating petitions, Democrats filed a total […]

Growing Blueberries

I know many of you have already started planting trees and shrubs during the brief warm spells that are typical of early April. It is important to put some thought in before putting plants in that are expected to thrive for a long time. Proper site selection and preparation will pay off in the long run for most fruit crops. […]

“All That Gumbo” hosts active in Phoenicia community

Susan Shaw has been kicking weekends off in the Catskills with sounds from New Orleans since 2011, and just last month she was joined by new co-host Allen Vella who has added his own spice to the airwaves. Listeners can tune in to “All That Gumbo” on WIOX every Friday from 4-6 p.m. where Shaw and Vella play New Orleans […]


Where have all the Christians gone, long time passing?

Well here we are in April, spring is just starting to show its beauty. Easter is approaching in a little over a week. It is time once again for the clergy and the faithful to find a way to attract those who show up for their annual pilgrimage to Church on Easter Sunday, to come back on a regular basis. […]

Wood pirates

We’re spoiled here in the northeast; I mean at least as far as our wide selection of trees to choose from for burning. Obviously, many of these trees – when good quality – are better used for making wood products. However, this article is about burning wood and April 1st demarcates the beginning of re-squaring my wood piles after a […]

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