Water meters and tourist attractions take center stage in Fleischmanns

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With the summer here, seasonal renters are here as well and in Fleischmanns, that means many people using rented water meters. With many of the houses in the village owned by second homeowners, water use is a perennial summer issue. At its monthly board meeting Monday, July 6, there was no exception to the rule. The main discussion involving meters was how to bill these seasonal renters.

Board members, as well as residents were involved in discussions about how to bill seasonal homeowners. Many of these second homeowners come in late June and they stay until the latter parts of August and into early September when school restarts. The Village Board used the time to debate on what the pay period should be, as well as public commenter’s. The discussion was based off of should second homeowners be billed once a quarter or once a year and what the quarters are.

Ultimately the Board agreed to quarterly billings. Paula DeSimone asked “What would the quarters be?” One Board member quickly responded that the summer quarter would begin July 1 and run to September 30 and the new quarter would start on October 1.

Village Treasurer Winifred Zubin gave the financial report. She explained that the Founder’s Day and the many other events that have been going on in the Village have allowed for “Big revenue, little spending.” Along with the additional revenue coming in, Zubin talked about renovations to the Village pool and its facilities which are currently underway. Handicap accessible bathroom and changing rooms remain a concern for residents and board members and discussion about how to handle that followed.

Although the summer is just technically getting started, Fleischmann’s First is already thinking ahead to the winter and winter activities. Francia Miles brought plans for a possible ice rink in the Village Park or on the baseball/soccer field to the board. Miles said the rink can be broken down and stored during the summer. Miles talked about the cost being “roughly $5,000 to purchase a rink to start off with,” But she said if the rink is fairly successful in its first year, there could be possibility for expansions as the starter rink would be much smaller than a normal sized hockey rink. Some concerns were raised that the rink could ruin the grass but Miles said that towns and villages that have used this very company have said it is very rare that the grass is ruined and usually grows right back. The proposal for the rink did not have any objections and could come to a vote at next month’s meeting.

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