Safe and sound

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To the Editor:

In response to an ad in last weeks Catskill Mountain News “Looking for Dorothy Bloodgood”, I would just like to let everyone know that it is entirely false. I wanted to come back home to New York where I was born, raised and resided for 94 years. I am well and healthy. I regret that this has happened.

Dorothy Bloodgood,

NY Agriculture thriving

To the Editor:

That Senator Seward’s fierce opposition to basic rights for New York’s farmworkers (CMN op-ed 6/26-7/2) did not prevail in the state legislature is grounds for rejoicing—in terms of both justice and our state’s economy. It is well known that the reason farmworkers were historically excluded from basic labor justice was racism. When FDR was trying to pass fair labor practices legislation, he could not get past the cabal of Southern senators who would not hear of any rights at all for Black “field-hands.” It wasn’t until the 1960s and activists like Cesar Chavez that states began implementing such rights for these workers—to the resounding benefit of their agriculture economies.

Yes, New York agriculture is thriving. Our farmers are inventive, enterprising, and hard-working, and their success is a point of pride for all New Yorkers. But New York agriculture is also heavily subsidized. Now that our taxpayer dollars will no longer be supporting archaic and unjust labor practices, I believe New York agriculture will be more successful than ever.

Susanna Margolis,

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