Reading Bingo to net summer prizes; News subscriptions

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The Fairview Library on Walnut Street in Margaretville is hosting a new Summer Reading contest to encourage, not only students, but also adults to continue reading throughout the summer. From now through August 16 patrons who read five books may fill out a book Bingo card to enter.

The contest will be held for the first time and will feature prizes for different age groups. Doris Warner, who is in charge of the program, said one of the goals is to “push people to read out of their norm.” Since the summer is here, people have all sorts of other activities going on including vacations, gardening and work, and most of those people say they tune reading out of their daily activities during this time. But vacation time also offers “down-time,” that can be used for the discovery of great new books and classics.

The contest will include a Bingo-styled card, one for adults and a different one for kids, that people will use to keep track of their reading. Like regular Bingo, readers will have to fill out a line of squares going vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Each square will feature a different genre of book, or in some cases, a different reason for choosing the book so that the reader is put to the test to read different books that they normally wouldn’t read, or to choose books for different reasons. Warner said that the program will hopefully keep growing, and improving skills for young readers, helping them avoid a September lag when they get back to school after a summer of not reading.

The News has announced its support of the program. Every reader who enters a card by reading five books will get a free one-year subscription to the paper. Those who already have subscriptions will get them extended for another year. Additionally, different prizes will be given out based on age group and card completion. Prizes for card completion will be based on how many rows and columns are completed. The more people read, the bigger the prizes will be. Prizes will include candy and books for kids as well as Barnes & Noble gift cards for adults. Kids can also receive some games and sporting equipment based on card completion.

More information on the program is available by visiting the library in Margaretville.

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