Pilgrims tried socialism

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To the Editor:

I would like to share some insight into Socialism. Unfortunately, our Democratic Party of today is far from what our parent’s and grandparent’s Democratic party represented. Today’s Democratic party has morphed into a socialistic party.

Furthermore, I would like to share some thoughts of what the Pilgrims taught us about Socialism. Yes, socialism is nothing new – we can go back to the early settlement in Plymouth in 1620.

This early attempt at socialism is an example of the first failures. The Pilgrims’ early settlement, by today’s standards, was essentially a socialist commune.

The settlers received their clothing, food and supplies from the colony’s common stock. All farmland was collectively owned, and each family received provisions according to their needs, with the profits of labor being divided equally rather than by what was earned through hard work. Sound familiar?

This system quickly led to discontent. The healthy and able-bodied colonists who worked in the fields all day began to resent the colonists who claimed to be ill, frustrated that they received the same amount of food and supplies as those who performed zero labor. The small work force led to near starvation and illness as a result of shrinking harvests.

After two years the colonists’ had a meeting and abandoned the socialist system for all the suffering it had caused. The new system required each family to take care of themselves and made settlers personally responsible for their own means of survival. Colonists were encouraged to grow their own food knowing that their was no common stock. This led to the entire colony becoming more prosperous. Surprising those who claimed to be infirm became more motivated and industrious, with men, women, and youth alike working in the fields eager to reap benefits of their labor.

The Jamestown Colony went through the same experience and passed a rule: “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.”

The same scenario happened in Venezuela just like the colonists’. History does repeat itself. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is a foolish mentality.

These Pilgrims taught us a valuable lesson: Communal arrangements only foster discontent, and the only cure for this social collapse is the free market. The only way for a society to prosper as a whole is through hard work and personal responsibility not through promises of equal outcomes.

Looking into the state of our country today, are we going down the same path? The values our founding fathers instilled in our young nation are being destroyed. As a country, we are morphing into a nation of “give me’s.” Individuals believe they are entitled to be taken care of by our government. They have no responsibility for their own, as the Pilgrims put it, their survival.

When the few are required to take care of the many, by human nature, resentment, frustration, and discontent will force a change. Will history repeat itself? Time will tell.

Richard Rossi,
Margaretville Tea Party

Restore civility, stop illegal immigration

To the Editor:

In the 1/9 – 1/15 issue of the CMN, two writers had their letters published, and each writer reached a new low in incivility. Specifically, they each referred to President Donald Trump as “#45,” reminding me of the Roman consul in the movie Ben Hur calling the lead character “Number Forty One,” a tactic to deprive the individual of the dignity of his name. This tactic belongs in the shadows of 21st Century American discourse, and challenges my ability to parody it.

However, #’s 1 and 2 [how’my doing?] give me the opportunity to use the balance of my 500 word allotment to air my views on the securing of the legal entry into our country. I’m sure they will hang on every word. Since I, and almost no one else is a command level military officer or engineer, I have little to say about the nature of the proposed barrier along the southern border, be it cement, steel, electronic, or combined. I’ll leave that call to the Commander-in-Chief. There will always be “experts” who will be used to argue the decision, but it’s Game On, and the players on the field will make the call.

Of course, the required results are that the barrier, where it is applied, will keep the illegal aliens out. Next, it is a given that illegals ought to be exited from the country, if for no other reason than they are breaking the law. All the random data dumping in the world, eg #1’s letter, won’t supersede the fact that “no illegals” means no crimes committed by illegals, no tax money goes to illegals, no jobs go to illegals, no illegals get to vote, and… well, you get the point. And a lot more needs to be done at legal points of entry, especially screening at legal border crossings, and overstayed visas. There are provisions in the funding proposal that address these issues.

Further, laws that encourage illegal entry, such as staying in-country while awaiting adjudication of “asylum” claims, must be changed to exclude the stay on US soil. Along with asylum laws, we must end the provisions for chain migration, and the immigration lottery, as well as the anchor baby interpretation of the 14th Amendment. A principle to consider here is that immigration is to be used for the greater good of the nation first, not the immigrants. In more practical terms, there are billions [!] of relatively unfortunate people in this overcrowded world. Their problems need to be solved where they are, not here. In closing, I will not dignify #2’s letter with a comment. It’s not personal, it’s strictly business.

Don Kalibat,

Screening saves lives

To the Editor:

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month and the Cancer Services Program (CSP) of the Central Region wants to raise awareness of two ways to prevent cervical cancer!

One way is through regular screening. Cervical cancer screening tests can find the cells that lead to cancer before it starts. These cells can then be removed. Screening also helps to find cancer early when it is most easily treated.

If you do not have insurance or have insurance with a high deductible or co-pay, the Cancer Services Program may be able to help. We offer free cervical cancer screening to eligible, uninsured and underinsured women, age 40 or older. Our program also provides free breast and colon cancer screening. Call 1-866-442-CANCER (2262) today to find out if you qualify for free cancer screenings.

The Bassett mobile screening coach will be at the Stamford Tops Friendly Market on Tuesday, February 19 to provide free Pap tests and mammograms. Take-home colorectal cancer screening kits will also be available for men and women 50 and over. Call CSP of the Central Region directly at 1-888.345.0225 to schedule your appointment for this event.

If you have insurance, talk to your doctor about getting screened. Cervical cancer screening is a covered service under most health plans, including Medicaid plans and plans participating in the New York State of Health.

The second way to prevent cervical cancer is by being vaccinated against the human papilloma virus (HPV). Research has shown that most cervical cancers are caused by HPV. The HPV vaccine is recommended for boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 14, and young adults through age 26. Ask your health care provider for more details.

Wouldn’t you want to try to prevent cancer if you could? You can!

Mark Kirkby,
Program Coordinator
Cancer Servicers Program
of the Central Region

It’s a crisis

To the Editor:

The need for a wall is not a manufactured crisis. There is evidence throughout the country for the need to update our southern border security. In the last two years (2017/2018) about 235,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended on charges or convictions such as 100,000 for assault, 30,000 for sex crimes and 4,000 for homicides. (Heritage Foundation). In 2018 alone, 3,755 known or suspected terrorists were prevented from entering the U S. How many walked across the open border? How many did we miss?

The border crisis is real. Illegal border crossers on average place fiscal burden of approximately $74,722 over their lifetimes on the US taxpayer; with children included it’s $94,391. (Center for Immigration Study C. I. S., National Academies of Science N.A. S.) If the border wall stops between 160,000 and 200,000 illegals from crossing (9 to 12%) in the next decade the savings on the tax payer would equal to $12 to $15 billion, enough savings to pay for the wall.

The human factor south of the borders is horrible. One in three migrant women are sexually assaulted on their journey north to the border. Seven in 10 have reported being victims of violence. On average 50 children a day have required emergency medical care when they arrive at the border. (HLS). Immigrant deaths rates have risen sharply along the Texas boarder by those trying to cross the hot desert (no wall/fence). Our failed immigration system and porous border is a magnet for the desperate poor, willing to risk their lives for the remote chance of a better way of life. If we had a secure border wall/ fence and immigration laws enforced, (not blocked by activist judges) this would not happen. They would enter legally.

A smart wall/barrier design works; such as the one put up in Santiago where the illegal crossing dropped 92 percent. The same is true in Yuma Arizona where a five mile barrier extended to 65 miles reduced illegal crossings by 95 percent.

To protect our community the Trump Administration is requesting the following funds for securing our borders.

1) $5.7 billion for construction for 234 miles of steel fence/wall.

2) $675 million to deter and detect dangerous material crossing at points of entry and along the entire border. (Drugs)

3) $563 million for additional 75 immigration judges.

4) $211 million for 750 additional border patrol agents.

5) $571 million for additional I.C.E. personnel.

6) $4.2 billion for detention centers, personnel and material.

Since the last amnesty under Ronald Regan, our elected officials have been weak on fixing immigration, ignoring the immigration crisis and the hard ship it imposes on the American Public. Whether you like Donald Trump (the messenger) or not, he brings the issues square on the table. He’s got more back bone then any of the “milk toast” Presidents we’ve had since Ronald Regan. That is why he was elected. The question I ask you my fellow Americans, where do you stand?

Kurt Holcherr,

Editor’s Note: Holcherr is the Chairman of the Town of Middletown Republican Committee though in this case, he is not writing for that group.

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