Fleischmanns receives another petition to dissolve village

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Craig Cherry became the second Fleischmanns resident to attempt to dissolve the village this year when he handed a petition for that aim to the Village Clerk on July 23.

On April 8, William Hrazanek presented a petition to dissolve the village to the clerk at a village board meeting, but it was ultimately determined that the petition did not meet the necessary legal standards.

The News spoke this week with Fleischmanns village clerk Stacie Skelley, who will make the final determination of whether or not the petition is “sufficient.” Skelley confirmed she had received the petition on July 23, saying, “I have 10 days from the date of submission to make a determination on sufficiency and we’re in that process right now.”

If the petition is deemed sufficient, the village board will have 30 days to put the motion to dissolve the village up to a public vote. In municipalities of less than 500 registered voters such as Fleischmanns, 20 percent of voters are required to sign a dissolution petition. There are approximately 150 registered voters in Fleischmanns.

The clerk’s duties include verifying that everyone who signed the petition is a registered voter who lives in the village. She must also review other legal technicalities that are required in the petition process. A determination by Skelley is expected to be made by Friday, Aug. 2 at the latest and the News will continue to cover this developing story.

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