Fleischmanns businessman re-invests in community

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NARAN “LALO” PATEL, right has purchased the Main St., Fleischmanns building that houses his grocery and liquor stores and the Fleischmanns Post Office. ROI Real Estate Broker Ron Kutkiewicz helped Patel close the deal which will allow the expansion of offerings at the market Patel has operated since 2006. Contributed photo.

Fleischmanns Main Street will get a big boost this summer when Naran “Lalo” Patel improves and expands the grocery story he has operated there since 2006. Roxbury real estate broker Ron Kutkiewicz announced recently that Patel had purchased the property he previously leased for 13 years, making reinvestment in the store and the community it serves more viable. Patel told the News this week he is already making plans to expand his product offerings.

“I am so deeply grateful to the people of this community that it is hard to express it,” Patel said. “The support they have given me, in big ways and in little ways, for all of these years, has made it possible for me to do this and I really appreciate it.” Patel went on to say that because the community has supported him, he is now able to give that back in the form of a better store to visit.

Patel, who already carries many locally made products, plans significant increases in that area of the business. “We will have a lot more products, from local farm eggs, maple syrup and honey to a lot more fresh produce,” said Patel. He would like the store, which is open seven days a week, to have a constant supply of fresh produce from local farmers. Patel is calling on producers now but is eager for anyone who grows or produces anything to contact him at the market.

Kutkiewicz, whose ROI Real Estate & Business Brokers firm is one of the few local companies that specializes in buying and selling businesses and the commercial properties they occupy, brokered the deal that allowed Patel to purchase the 1050 Main Street property. The building houses his grocery operation, a liquor store and the Fleischmanns post office. Patel also expressed appreciation to Kutkiewicz for helping to get the deal closed.

Kutkiewicz told the News that

“Over the years we have helped numerous new business owners that are now established and successful and making a positive contribution to the area. It gives me great pleasure to walk into one of these businesses and be greeted by smiles of friendship and appreciation.” Having owned and operated a variety of businesses over the years, Kutkiewicz brings experience notjustaabroker,butasan operator, to each deal. “My clients have my greatest respect and admiration. They create income and a living for themselves and their families, many times where no income existed before. Independent and hard working, they are an inspiration and example to me and should be to all.”

The expanded supermarket is just the most recent of business investments in the community which last year saw Alan and Robin White open Two Stones Farm to join other successful long-time business operations from River Run Bed and Breakfast to The Tinderbox. The News has learned that other business investments in the community could be announced before the summer season begins, increasing the “rateable” commercial side of the tax base for the Village. The Fleischmanns Yeast Company has announced plans to host Founders’ Day in Fleischmanns on June 8 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the iconic American company.

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