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“In Goth We Trust” is one-stop-shop for all things Goth

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Chelsea Goodwin

Chelsea Goodwin

For all things dark and macabre, there’s no better resource in the Catskills than WIOX’s Chelsea Goodwin.

Goodwin hosts “In Goth We Trust” every Wednesday and Thursday night from 10 to midnight. Along with her wife, Rusty Mae Moore and frequent guest Cynthya Briancate, Goodwin leads listeners into the varied world of Goth.

“We offer everything from Goth music to interviews with gothic and horror writers and filmmakers and horror movies actors and actresses and writers and directors to literary people,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin describes Goth culture as a mix of television shows such as “Dark Shadows” and “The Munsters,” old horror movies, and the Goth music of the ‘80s such as Bauhaus, The Cure, Depeche Mode, and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

“I, like a lot of people of my generation in Goth culture, can pin point to the very moment when I became a Goth and that was in 1964 when I was four years of age; the very first time I heard [sings The Addams Family theme song]. I’ve been a Goth ever since,” Goodwin said.



Around five years ago, Goodwin’s gothic journey came full circle when she was able to interview the actor John Astin, who played Gomez Addams in the television show.

“Of all the interviews I’ve done, the one of which I’m the most proud was with John Astin,” Goodwin said.

Fittingly, Goodwin’s first broadcast on WIOX took place from midnight to 1 a.m. on Halloween in 2011. Goodwin says her wife helps provide the technical expertise to the show, adding, “She’s my partner in everything I do.” Goodwin says Briancate has an “unbelievable knowledgeable of Goth music and gothic literature, the horror film genre, to such a minute degree,” adding, “She’s just like this wealth of knowledge.”

Goodwin is a student of radio, and she says she draws great inspiration from the radio dramas of the 1940s such as “Suspense” and “The Price of Fear.” Goodwin says those shows have helped teach her to put “the pauses in the right place. I’m really enthralled by the technique of classic radio drama, and radio presentation. I love the genre.”

A less likely influence is Dick Cavett. Goodwin referenced a two-hour interview Cavett conducted with Alfred Hitchcock that made a lasting impression on the Goth guru.

“What Cavett does and what I hope I do on my show, is I bring geniuses,” Goodwin said, “It’s not about me speaking and inserting myself into the interview, it’s about me just keeping the other person talking so the audience hears as much of the guest as possible.”

Goodwin is also a regular at Goth, sci-fi and horror conventions where she can often be found with her friend Movie Mike. “We show movies and I say hopefully things funny things about the movies,” Goodwin said. Her next convention appearance will take place in New Jersey on the weekend of January 24 at “The Evil Expo.”

Since moving to the Catskills in 2008, Goodwin has said she has had no problem connecting with other members of Goth culture, saying, “There is a vibrant and live Goth scene here in the Catskills.”

“I’ve been remarkably lucky in finding musical artists, including Luis Mojic, people who live here, continuing that gothic music tradition and who are doing wonderful work and who perform locally,” Goodwin said, adding that Frenchy and the Punk live only in Poughkeepsie.

Goodwin moved from New York City to Pine Hill in 2008 where she and her wife bought a house built in 1890. The house was renovated in 1968, and much of their time has been spent undoing that work.

“We’re gradually trying to bring it back to its late Victorian splendor,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin is also a pianist who can occasionally be found playing in the area. “I mostly play traditional jazz and early blues and ragtime. Very 1920’s kind of stuff,” she said.

For those interested in following updates related to “In Goth We Trust” and other Goth happenings, follow Goodwin’s Facebook page at InGothWeTrustShow/.

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