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Building issues focus in Fleischmanns

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Fleischmanns residents were up in arms about the lack of enforcement of village laws at the August monthly meeting of the village board Monday night, August 6.

Despite the lack of a quorum, Village Trustees Fred Woller and Dan Halpren, opened the meeting to village residents. People voiced opinions indicating they felt the village is being run by Avi Mendlovic with total disregard for safety. Residents reported that the new kosher deli opened at 1112 Main Street has cars parking in front of the business pointing in different directions as well as double parking. They argued that this kind of chaos leaves a very dangerous corner for drivers.

To add to the parking obstructions, once a car is parked before the sabbath on Friday night, the owners cannot drive and move the car to a safer location until the sabbath is over on Saturday night. With discussions going on for some time among the board members, one answer to the problem could be police enforcement. According to the Village Attorney, Carey Wagner, an auxiliary force needs to be supported by a fulltime law enforcement agency. Village trustees have discussed the situation with Delaware County Sheriff Dumond, but he has refused to back an auxiliary police force. The NYS Police, located in Margaretville, have also refused to support a police force. Woller will contact the Delaware County District Attorney John Hubbard to discuss other options.

Village resident Roy Todd, suggested a crosswalk by Breezy Hill Road and Main Street indicating where cars should stop for pedestrians, hopefully, making a safer situation for all.

Yvonne Reuter spoke, “about a problem with garbage, is there a state ruling?” Reuter is a resident of Wagner Avenue near the Palace Hotel, recently acquired by Avi Mendlovic. She also asked about a noise ordinance because the Palace residents are unusually loud until 2 a.m.

The Palace Hotel has approval for ground floor occupancy, but lights and air conditioners have been videotaped being run on the weekends on all floors. Construction is also going on behind the Palace on what was once a garage. The building being renovated, has no permit from the Fleischmanns Planning Board and appears to be morphing into a residence.

Dan Halpren shared, “After speaking with Hiram Davis last week…. he said he spoke to Avi and the problem is that he pays the fine and then just goes on and operates…he also has a stop work order on the garage behind the Palace.”

Another problem of some concern, is Mendlovic’s deck construction on his property at the Main Street hotel complex. After a legal battle, with his neighbors Dr. and Mrs. Kranz, approval was granted for a sixfoot fence around their property to stop prying eyes into his home. In retaliation, Mendlovic built a deck over six feet high to allow the Hassidim to overlook his neighbors fence. Despite the approval by former Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) Christopher Plante, it is not conforming to building code and needs to be torn down.

Fleischmann residents are urging people to report any garbage concerns to the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) 24-hour hotline, 844.332.3267 and to contact Hiram Davis, CEO at 845.586.2344 or with complaints.

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