Addressing Anti-Semitic Incidents in Our Community

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To the Editor:

On Sunday morning, March 17, the Jewish Federation of Ulster County became aware of the anti-Semitic workplace harassment which had taken place at Mother Earth’s Storehouse in Kingston during the week starting on Monday March 11th. Members of the Federation’s Community Relations Committee have reached out to the employee’s family to offer support, help and guidance. Committee members are in touch with the parties involved and continue to be vigilant about anti-Semitism in Ulster County.

If anyone is the victim of or witnesses any anti- Semitic incidents or any other discriminatory practices, please do not hesitate to contact the Jewish Federation office at 845.338.8131 or and the Ulster County Human Rights Commission at 845.340.3147. The Jewish Federation of Ulster County appreciates the support of the community.

Jen Dragon,
Jewish Federation of
Ulster County Kingston

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