Time Out: August 12, 2009

   University of Rochester men’s basketball coach Mike Neer feels success is all about developing good habits. Full Story

Time Out: August 5, 2009

   The Avoca Summer Classic is my favorite off-season basketball venue. This three-on-three tournament gem is the highlight of a packed spring and summer basketball schedule for my Andes boys’ basketball team. Full Story

Time Out: July 29, 2009

   “How are your guys doing?” The question was directed my way by Houghton College men’s basketball coach Brad Zarges. Full Story

Time Out: July 15, 2009

   The worldwide obsession with the passing of Michael Jackson devoured many of us during the past two weeks. No matter where you turned, the glare of the media lights were focused on everything Jackson. Full Story

Time Out: July 8, 2009

   by John Bernhardt He never opened his mouth but his message could not have been clearer. A condescending smile crossed his face, he closed his eyes and slowly shook his head back and forth when he saw me moving along the walkway. Full Story

Time Out! by John Bernhardt: April 15, 2009

   by John Bernhardt “Don’t say it!” warned Randy VanKeuren when center fielder Garret Fairbairn began to tell his parents on the sidelines Thursday that Margaretville pitcher Patrick O’Connell had not allowed a single Windham ru Full Story

Time Out: March 25, 2009

   Gone was the poker face, that solemn look that rarely changes. Gone was the measured calm, the balanced model of self-control basketball enthusiasts from around the county have come to appreciate. Full Story

Time Out: August 20, 2008

   “Your son will never be able to focus on anything,” a teacher once advised Debbie Phelps during a parent/teacher conference. Full Story

Time Out: August 13, 2008

   “I think we’ve found it. I can see basketballs in the air.” Looking from a distance it looked like a carnival or circus, the sky peppered with multi-colored basketballs. Full Story

Time Out: July 30, 2008

   Sometimes it’s nice to finish what you start. That had to be the case for New York Mets’ pitcher Johan Santana last Sunday afternoon at Shea Stadium. Full Story