Time Out: October 13, 2010

   I’m often suspect when firm-fixed rules replace common sense to govern decision-making. That’s the case with the .500 rule some area local schools use to determine whether local high school teams qualify for post-season play. Full Story

Time Out: Aug. 18, 2010

   The local sporting world lost a true friend in early August with the passing of Steven Fabrykiewicz. Steve, the father of Andes soccer star Peter Fabrykiewicz, had become a regular feature at many soccer contests throughout Delaware County. Full Story

Time Out: July 28, 2010

   The difference between average and superior performance is much narrower than the average person thinks. Often superior teams have an aura of invincibility, a swagger that builds an impression that they simply cannot be beaten. Full Story

Time Out: July 21, 2010

   The King’s crown is showing tarnish. Full Story

Time Out: June 9, 2010

   The death of basketball’s legendary coach John Wooden this weekend caused me to pause and take stock of time. Wooden was 99 years old when he passed. Full Story

Time Out: June 2, 2010

   He is a cat with nine lives, and the New York Met manager will have used up at least three or four of them by the end of May. Full Story

Time Out: May 5, 2010

   A Big League Show at a Small Town Price!  In an era of super-priced professional sports entertainment, minor league baseball is still a bargain for the baseball-loving sports fan or people simply looking for an inexpensive night to watch a game at th Full Story

Time Out: April 14, 2010

   “If you could take out athletics and transportation, this job wouldn’t be half bad.” I’ve never forgotten that advice, delivered by a wise old sage during my first days serving as a superintendent of schools. Full Story

Time Out: April 7, 2010

   “New York, New York, it’s a beautiful town, The Mets are up, and the Yankees are down.” For one day this week it was great to be a Mets’ fan. Full Story

Time Out: March 31, 2010

   “It’s a well researched fact that the team that takes the most foul shots wins 90 percent of the games in the NBA.” That tidbit was passed along by one of basketball’s legendary coaches, a man respected as one of the game&rsqu Full Story