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Arthritis is one of the most common conditions
in the United States. According to the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of
every five Americans, approximately 53 million people,
are affected by arthritis.
For most people arthritis pain cannot be avoided as the
body ages. In fact, most people over the age of 50 show
some signs of arthritis.
All of our joints are covered with a smooth, white sur-face
called articular cartilage. As we age, the smooth
cartilage wears and starts to develop small cracks. Over
time these small cracks get larger and the smooth sur-face
becomes rough. The roughened surface causes
mech anical symptoms such as clicking, grinding and
sometimes instability. The rough surface also causes
inflam mation which subsequently results in joint stiff-ness
and pain. This is arthritis.
Fortunately, in most cases, arthritis can be managed through a combination of med-ication,
exercise, rest, weight-management, nutrition and injections. Patients who have
tried conservative measures to address their arthritic pain and have not had satisfac -
tory results may be candidates for surgery.
For example, you may need to have a knee replacement for severe arthritis in the
knee. The decision to proceed with knee surgery is based on a number of factors, in -
cluding level of pain, x-ray findings, decreased mobility, current health status and,
most importantly, your desire to proceed.
Interested in speaking with someone about knee replacement surgery? Contact the
HealthAlliance Center for Orthopedic Specialties, a member of the Westchester
Medical Center Health Network (WMCHealth), at 845-338-2500.
For more information about Margaretville Hospital, a member
of Westchester Medical Center Health Network (WMCHealth), visit
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