We post solutions to each puzzle here the week after they are printed. A print quality PDF of each week's puzzle is attached to each week's puzzle edition.

Puzzles: June 25, 2014


Our puzzles this week are all about — what else — graduates. I'll post a solution here later on Wednesday. In the meantime, sharpen those pencils. A PDF to print out is attached below.

Solutions to Puzzles of June 18, 2014


Once again, I'm late to post solutions to the Puzzles section! What's my excuse this time, you ask? This week, I'm pleading graduation, which for newspaper folks means collecting pictures of graduates and laying out congratulatory messages. Also creating puzzles this week about graduates! Meanwhile, here are the belated solutions to Wednesday's puzzles, one about Burroughs' birds and the other about Summer Camp — hey, it's time to pack for camp!
Lest you think the wait too long, just try working the puzzle in Harper's Magazine each month. You have to wait a month for the next magazine to get the solution, which is usually just fine, as it takes me about six months to solve one! Ouch.

Puzzles: June 18, 2014


Puzzles for this week celebrate former summer camps of the Catskills and some of our — and John Burroughs' — feathered friends. I am hoping to feature some summer camps in an archive column before summer is just a memory. Happy Solving! PDF attached as always, if you like to solve on a printout.

Solutions to June 11, 2014


Here's the solutions to our Father's Day edition puzzles, with a nod to historic sites featured in the Headwaters History Days weekend.

Puzzles for June 11, 2014


This week's puzzles will supply you with some Father's Day gift ideas and some information on some of the historic sites that took part in Headwaters History Days this past weekend. You'll find word jumble hints in our print edition classifieds page, and a PDF is attached here if you'd like to print out a copy for easier solving. Sharpen those pencils!