We post solutions to each puzzle here the week after they are printed. A print quality PDF of each week's puzzle is attached to each week's puzzle edition.

Solutions to Nov. 19 Puzzle


Our hunting acrostic I discovered was missing one clue! Due to that "misfire" I have supplied a solution with all the answers filled in except that one, with the missing clue (43 Down) supplied: A term for a young, “knuckle headed” buck whose antlers have just sprouted.”

Puzzle for November 19, 2014


This week's hunting crossword is a BEAR! Well, it will be easy for all of you with rudimentary knowledge of the sport, but I mean it's a bear size-wise. Might be best this week to work off the real newspaper page, but I have attached a letter-size PDF for printouts. No additional "hints" on this one – it's all about your hunting know-how.

Solution to Nov. 12 Puzzle


Here's your solution to our hunting related Word Jumble. Next week an acrostic/crossword type puzzle will test your hunting knowledge even further....

Puzzle for November 12, 2014


Here's a hunting themed Word Scramble in honor of opening day . . . next week, a Hunting themed acrostic! PDF file attached if you'd like a printout.

Solutions to November 5 Puzzles


Here are the solutions to the November 5 "election" puzzles. That logic puzzle was a toughie!