We post solutions to each puzzle here the week after they are printed. A print quality PDF of each week's puzzle is attached to each week's puzzle edition.

Puzzles for April 2, 2014


It’s time for spring—in fact, it’s past time! Our word jumble this week celebrates outdoor pleasures and our logic puzzle features the restored fire towers of our region — all of them make great hikes and offer amazing views. If you are stumped you can always find hints on this week's classified page. And a PDF is attached if you want to print the puzzles out to solve them.

Puzzles for March 26, 2014


This week's jumble highlights the opening of baseball season, so maybe even Brian Sweeney will want to solve it! And solving our logic puzzle will also teach you some things about famous Catskills artists. Their real names will be revealed next week in the solution; see if you can guess who they are before that! As always, a PDF of the puzzles is attached if you want a printout.

Solutions to March 19 Puzzles


Since this was the debut of "logic puzzles" I have posted a pretty thorough step-by-step solution. If anyone out there is actually working the logic puzzles, please let me know if you find them too easy or too difficult: I can adjust accordingly! Just e-mail graphics@catskillmountainnews.com. Also if you have a good "Catskills" pun, I could sure use them for the word jumbles, and if you send me a good one, I will give you credit!

Solutions to March 12 Puzzles


Click below to see the solutions to last week's puzzles. They certainly had a strong whiff of "down on the farm!"

Puzzles for March 19, 2014


This week we introduce a new puzzle for us, a logic puzzle, along with our usual word jumble. I included some tips on how to solve a logic puzzle. This one is fairly easy and is a good starter puzzle if you have never solved one before. As always Happy Solving! A PDF version is attached below if you'd like to print them out.