We post solutions to each puzzle here the week after they are printed. A print quality PDF of each week's puzzle is attached to each week's puzzle edition.

Solutions to July 16 Puzzles


Click below to see the solutions to this week's Word Jumble (lost occupations of the Catskills) and our cryptogram, a quote about the Catskills from the eloquent hiker, Morris Longstreth.

Puzzles: July 16, 2014


Our puzzles this week challenge you to remember some Catskills' occupations and industries that are no more or are very rarely practiced any more. And our cryptogram is from an early 20th century writer who has an invigorating account of his "tramping" through our neck of the woods, I encourage you to solve it so you can discover more of his wonderful account of our region. As always a printable PDF version is attached that you can download.

Solutions to July 9 Puzzles


As usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short getting these solutions posted. I thought that Pinwheel Puzzle was pretty tough. Next week we'll relax with an easy cryptogram and a Word Jumble as always. If there are kinds of puzzles you prefer, let me know at graphics@catskillmountainnews.com.
Click below for the solutions!

Puzzles: July 9, 2014


I thought we'd try another new puzzle — a different kind of word search — this week. Our jumble celebrates National Ice Cream Month with a mouthful of flavors. For our word search, your own knowledge of Catskill place names will give you an edge. As always, a PDF is attached for printouts and you'll find clues for BOTH puzzles in our print edition on the classified page. Happy solving!

Solutions to July 2 Puzzles


Here are the Solutions to our Puzzles celebrating July 4 and our new "Cat-skill-gories" puzzle. Next week we will also have a "new" type of puzzle, so be sure to check in!