We post solutions to each puzzle here the week after they are printed. A print quality PDF of each week's puzzle is attached to each week's puzzle edition.

Puzzle for December 10, 2014


Have some fun with this Christmas Carol Word Jumble; since I didn't make this one up myself, I'm going to have to solve it on my own to get a solution to all of you. See if you can beat me to it!
Ho Ho Ho!

Solution to December 3 Puzzles


This week we've supplied the answers to the Wintery Word Jumble and a solution to the kids' "Find the Changes Coloring Challenge," with 10 tricky differences to find in two drawings.

Puzzle for December 3, 2014


Here's a frosty Word Jumble to get you all set for winter. As always, there are hints on our classified page in the print edition and a pdf attached if you need a printout.

Solution to November 26 Puzzle


Here's the solution to the November 26 "Turkey Day" Word Fill-In. These take some time, but I think they are fun to solve as you see the phrase coming together. Dedicated puzzle solvers should let me know at graphics@catskillmountainnews.com what type of puzzles are your favorites. Since the number of "hard core" solvers is probably very small, why shouldn't you have your druthers!

Puzzle for November 26, 2014


Here's a Thanksgiving Word Fill-in — if you solve it, you'll be rewarded with a humorous Thanksgiving poem. How to solve: Fill in the clues below the puzzle, then place each letter of a solution in the box with the corresponding number. You may find that you can figure out words in the poem, which will give you some letters to fill into the clues.