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Jesse Needham

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Jesse Needham
How can our family even begin to say how thankful and grateful we are to
everyone? There are truly not enough words. We were so overwhelmed by
the outpouring of all the love and support shown to us for the loss of our
Jesse. From the number of people who filled the church, who came to say
goodbye and pay their respects, the friends who traveled from all over the
country; California, Colorado, Montana, Massachusetts, Maine and others,
all of the food that was brought, the gifts and generous donations, so many
wonderful cards with memories written down, and most of all to the kind
words and sympathy shown to all of us. A special thank you to Jesse’s Army
Reserve unit for giving him the military respect he so deserved. Even though
our hearts are forever broken, you all have helped us to get through this very
difficult time. Thank you to everyone for everything.
With our sincere thanks, The Needham Family
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Shandaken Day 2017

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The Rhine Cliff

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From the Cliffs to the Hills
Rhinecliff Event Catering
Exclusive Caterer for Shephard Hills Events.
Available for all off premisis catering also.
Contact us about your wedding!
Cassie’s Cafe
Sunday thru Thursday 7 AM - 2:45 PM
Saturday & Sunday 7 AM - 5 PM
Main Street, Roxbury
The Beer Garden at Shephard Hills
Saturday & Sunday Full Menu 11 AM - 9 PM
Monday - Friday, Casual menu from 11 AM,
Dinner from 5 PM
Sunday Brunch Buffet 10 AM - 1 PM
The Rhinecliff Event Catering
A boutique country hotel near
Historic Rhinebeck offering gorgeous
Hudson River views for week end or
mid-week getaways.
Hotel, restaurant, catering
Locally sourced - Served with style
Now Open 7 Days A Week
Keywords Hills Events, premisis catering, wedding Cassies, Cassies Cafe, Shephard Hills, Exclusive Caterer, Rhinecliff Event, Event Catering, Catering Exclusive, Hills Rhinecliff
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Host an Exchange Student

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host.asse.com or email info@asse.com
Call Naiane at (315) 221-3281
or Amy at 1-800-677-2773 (Toll Free)
Keywords Call Naiane, infoassecom Call, email infoassecom
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Town of Hardenburgh to hold Political Caucus meetings  Free Access 

Dems on 8/15; Reps on 8/19

    Full Story

Transition Catskills

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Pakatakan Round Barn

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Sharon Ceil Skoble Goldstein family thank you

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It is with great sorrow that we announce
the passing of our mother,
best friend and aunt:
Sharon Ceil Skoble Goldstein
on July 26, 2017 at a feisty 72 years young.
We would like at this time, with the utmost
sincerity, take the time to thank:
Pat Delameter and the Margaretville Hospi-tal
Ambulance Squad.
The entire staff of Margaretville Hospital:
Carol Bouton, Case Manager; Marilyn Don-nelly;
Director of Nursing; Kim Coppage, RN
Nursing Supervisor; Carla Casterline, RN;
Heather Witte, RN; Jodi Carson, RN; Dawn
Jaquish, RN; Aja Olson, RN; Tamra Johnson,
CNA; Pearl Wilson, CNA; Rosa in Housekeep-ing,
the Emergency Room Staff as well as Dr.
Paul Llobet and F-NP Sharon Gavette.
Sharon’s wishes and expectations were more
than fulfilled with your love, compassion and
care; both in previous visits and this, her final
She passed on surrounded by the staff and
personnel who respected and loved her and
whom she loved as well.
You treated and took care of Sharon like your
own, made her comfortable in her final days
and for that, we are grateful and forever in-debted
to you all.
Philip M. Goldstein
& Deborah M. Pickering
Randi Elise & Mark Peter
Linda & Joseph Bajada
Keywords Skoble Goldstein, Ceil Skoble, Sharon Ceil, aunt Sharon, great sorrow
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