Margaretville Barber Shop

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845 586-2322

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Catskill Mountain News Entry Form

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Family of Flora K. Graves

Keywords Leroy Hynes, Donna Leroy, Hynes Funeral, Rev Ralph, loving kindness, Ralph Darmstadt, Wilson Donna, Pearl Wilson, crew firemen, ambulance crew, firemen Margaretville, Margaretville Memorial, Hospital Pearl, Memorial Hospital, Graves wishes
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Fleischmanns Community Church

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Roxbury Central School

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607-326- 4151


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Village of Margaretville

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Chuck Perez

Record breaking snowstorm shuts down region  Free Access 

News office to be closed all day Wednesday, 3/15

   After warnings and preparations and changes in forecasts, the region was hit hard Tuesday with a blizzard unlike any seen recently. Full Story

Hanah Mountain Resort

The Arc

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Margaretville Hospital

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Text from ad:

mmunity Health
th Corner by
Today is the fir
haven’t alre
of storage and g
While this can b
like a simple tas
dangerous Abo
e first day of summer! If you
ady, it’s time to pull the grill o
d get to barbequing!
n be a lot of (tasty) fun and seem
sk, barbeques can be quite
out half of injuries involving
l out
addition to adherin
are a few simple barb
-To prevent food bo
cooked meat separa
-Always marinate fo
dangerous. grills are therma
sick if food is ha
ing to the instruction manual f
rbeque safety tips to follow:
orne illness and avoid cross co
rate and on clean plates.
ood in the refrigerator. Sauce t
mal burns, and people can get
s handled inappropriately. So in
for the grill you’re using, her
s contamination, keep raw and
uce that is used as marinade on
o ere
raw meat or poultry s
portion of fresh, un
-Store perishable fo
-Use a meat thermo
-Never use a gill indo
railings and out fro
y should not be reused on co
h, unused marinade to use as a sa
ood such as mayonnaise, eggs o
ometer to ensure that you co
doors. Grill at least 10 feet aw
m under eaves and overhang
n cooked food. Instead, set aside a
gs or salad in a cooler on ice.
ok meat and poultry
way from any buildings, deck
ging branches.
side k
-Wire bristles may d
the grill. Thoroughl
moist cloth before co
-Do not let children o
For more info
y dislodge from grill cleaning b
ly inspect and wipe down th
e cooking.
en operate a grill or leave them a
ormation about Margaretville
cal CenterHealth Network, ple
g brushes and stick to food on
he surface of the grill with a
em alone near a hot grill.
e Hospital, a member of the
ease visit margaretvillehosp.o
Keywords COMMUNITY HEALTH, HEALTH CORNER, Margaretville Hospital, Health Network, Center Health, Westchester Medical, blood pressure, Heart disease, Medical Center, holiday season, health problems, annual checkup, annual wellness, Flu Shot, Shot Clinic
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