RCS delays vote scheduled for Tuesday Dec. 9


Roxbury Central School decided Monday to postpone the vote on its proposed Capital Project, set for Tuesday, December 9, due to an impending snowstorm.
“Due to the impending winter storm, the Capital Project Vote for Roxbury Central School that was scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 9 was postponed. A new date will be determined at the next Board of Education meeting and announcements will be issued,” said RCS Superintendent Tom O’Brien in a news release.

Belleayre Resort may face further review from another group


By Jay Braman Jr.
As yet another deadline comes and goes in the 14-year-long review of the Belleayre Resort project, those involved with the matter say things have become so complicated that it is hard to tell if this is indeed the end or if it is only the beginning of an entire new phase of scrutiny of the $365 million plan.

Delaware County tax increase is 5.9%


By Cheryl Petersen
Former Town of Middletown Supervisor Leonard Utter, speaking at the Delaware County Board of Supervisors’ public hearing last week on the 2015 county budget, warned about the “guerrilla spending in social services” and said, “We are on a slippery slope and the landing is not going to be pretty.”
The public hearing was held before the regular county board of supervisors’ meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 25 in Delhi in regard to exceeding the state tax cap and increasing the county budget levy by 5.9 percent.

RCS school vote scheduled Dec. 9

By Joe Moskowitz
Roxbury Central School District taxpayers, who approved a $4 million bond issue back in May to help fund $5 million in repairs and upgrades to the school, are being asked to go back to the polls on December 9 and reapprove the project because legal language in the original bonding document was faulty.

Overcrowding at County Jail leads to double bunking of inmates


Delaware County Sheriff Tom Mills announced last week that he has initiated the double bunking of inmates at the Delaware County Correctional Facility located at 280 Phoebe Lane. “This is the first time since the new jail’s inception in 2003 we have had to double-bunk,” Sheriff Mills remarked.

Middletown budget passes after changes

By Joe Moskowitz
For the second time in a one-week span, the Town of Middletown passed a new 2015 budget. And, while the language used during the special meeting last Thursday was less shocking than during the previous session, some of the town board members left this meeting at least as angry as they had following the last meeting.

Grand Gorge FD volunteers "shovelled" off to Buffalo

By Brian Sweeney
Volunteers from the Grand Gorge and Hobart fire departments traveled to the Buffalo area last week to help residents cope with huge amounts of snowfall.
Buffalo and several surrounding communities received up to seven feet of snow from a series of lake-effect storms. At least 13 deaths have been blam­ed on the storm.

Ralph "Bubby" Chase moving on to higher ground after flood buyout

By Joe Moskowitz
Arkville resident Ralph Chase is about to lose his home, and he couldn’t be happier about it.
Chase, known very affectionately as “Bubby,” is a local landmark in motion. It doesn’t matter what the weather, he can be seen walking, riding his adult tricycle, or driving part of his small fleet of John Deere garden tractors in and around and between Arkville and Margaretville. At 88 years old, and has no intention of slowing down.

CWC gives funding to Catskill Interpretive Center


By Jay Braman Jr.
The Catskill Watershed Corporation (CWC) has joined with a host of other entities in support of the long awaited and finally-under-construction Catskill Interpretive Center.
As big machinery and dozens of workers try and beat the early onslaught of winter-like weather at the Mount Tremper site, The CWC chipped in another $123,000 to the project, bringing the total funds up to just under $1.5 million.

Supervisor Miller rips town board in heated salary dispute

By Joe Moskowitz
A stunned crowd listened in shock Thursday evening at the way Middletown Supervisor Marge Miller challenged the town board to overcome community disapproval and grant her a double-digit pay hike. “For God’s sake grow some balls,” Miller said in response to a board member’s comment that there is considerable taxpayer opposition to her request for a large pay raise.

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