Puzzle for July 29, 2015 with a Prize!

Sponsored by the Roxbury Arts Group

   Attention all puzzle solvers and especially those of you who might think puzzle solving is a waste of time: this week you could win a prize from the Roxbury Arts Group! Full Story

Solution to July 22 Puzzle

   Here's the solution to our "What to Do" puzzle of last week. I hope you found time to enjoy at least one of these events! Full Story

Solution to July 15 puzzle

   Click here for the solution to the July 15 "French-a-fried" Word Jumble. Full Story

Puzzle for July 15, 2015

   This word jumble is comprised entirely of words we have “absorbed” from the French language. English is truly a polyglot language that has soaked up all manner of foreign word “immigrants” to make our own vocabulary one of the richest in the world. Full Story

Solution to July 8 Puzzle

   Click here for the solution to the July 8 puzzle, which challenged you to find 10 differences in the two Summertime Fun coloring pictures. Full Story

Martens Signs Off On Belleayre Resort  Free Access 

Groundbreaking likely in 2016

   Friday, July 10, 2015 --  Albany, NY  --  Outgoing NYSDEC Commissioner Joe Martens made history today (Friday) by signing an order directing the DEC staff to end the adjudicatory process on the Belleayre Resort Project.  The Commi Full Story

Solution to June 24 Puzzle

   Click here for the solution to the June 24 Summer Fun Word Jumble. Full Story