2008-09-17 / Mailbag

September 17, 2008: Family history photo a pleasant treat

To The Editor:
It was a pleasant surprise to see our mother, Bessie Easley, no. 21, in the Olde School photo, in a recent issue of the News. Number 24 in the picture is George Buster Balcom, now deceased.
Bessie was born January 29, 1916 at Johnny Cake Lane, between Margaretville and New Kingston, the daughter of Bruce and Beulah Bronson Easley. Her parents divorced when she was a small child. She went to live with her grandparents Bronson, who lived at the top of Fair Street on South Side. They later moved to the little house on the other side of the Bull Run Stream, on Main Street.
Bessie married Richard S. Balcom, an older brother of the George B. Balcom in the photo.
George (Bus) Balcom married Ruth Edwards of Dingle Hill, Andes. Many of their descendants still live in this area.
Bessie has been a resident of Mountainside Care Center since last fall.
I would say that the photo that was in the newspaper was the first and second grades.

Anna Balcom Liddle,
and LeRoy Balcom,

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