2013-10-30 / Mailbag

He has the right attitude

To The Editor:
Over the last two years I have been in contact with our elected officials informing them of the gross unfairness taxpayers in Halcottsville and Denver have been subject to. Our school taxes are levied by, and paid to, the Town of Roxbury, yet our assessments are determined by the Town of Middletown where our properties are located. This dichotomy has led to abuse.  

We have no vote in Roxbury and are fair game for them to saddle us with taxes that certain of their residents are exempt from. Who are those residents? Oh my, they are the good old boys that have held their properties there for many years and are taxed on what they paid for them, a long way down from the market value assessments we are subject to in Middletown.

I have been in contact with our Town Supervisor, Marge Miller, our State Senator, James Seward and our Assemblyman. Pete Lopez.  All have expressed understanding and concern for our plight. All have agreed with our position. None have done anything about it.  

It appears that our elected officials are good at getting elected, nothing else.  No proposals for correcting this obvious injustice not even a fight with Roxbury officials to get them in line. We get no support.  Why are we electing them? Who do they serve other than themselves?

I spoke with Nelson Delameter.  He has offered, if elected, to at least fight for us and get the ball rolling towards a fair system. Halcottsville and Denver residents and anyone with a sense that the wrongdoing we are suffering be stopped should vote for Nelson Delameter for Town of Middletown Supervisor. He at least has the right attitude.

Marty Lieberman,

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