2013-10-30 / Mailbag

She deserves our support

To The Editor:
I was privileged to have served on the Middletown Town Board in the 1970s.   It’s apparent that managing the town is so much more complicated now than it used to be.
Having grown up in my beloved Fleischmanns, I have always taken an interest in town affairs.  I am very proud of the way Marge Miller has worked so hard as town supervisor and ably represented the town at the Delaware County Board of Supervisors.  Unlike so many others, Marge has had the intelligence, guts and determination to take on the powers that be, and hold the county board responsible to those they are supposed to be serving.
Marge has rejected the “go along to get along” attitude that has prevailed for too long at the board of supervisors and has brought forward positive changes, which we need so badly.
Marge needs and deserves our support to continue her work for the residents of the Town of Middletown. As a former resident I strongly urge every registered voter to come out on Election Day and support Marge!

Tom Schimmerling,

Editor’s note: Tom Schimmerling currently serves as Chairman of the Delaware County Democratic Committee

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