2013-10-30 / Mailbag

What he doesn't know

To The Editor:
I am writing to express what I know and what I don’t know about the two candidates for Middletown Supervisor, Nelson Delameter and Marge Miller.
I know the local Republican Party is backing a professed Democrat/Independent against Ms. Miller. That is in itself a worrisome fact.
I know Marge Miller helped bring the 2013 budget under the two percent cap.
I know Marge Miller saved the town $67,000 by switching the prior insurance carriers, I don’t know if Mr. Delameter would have done this.
I know Miller wrote or had written $100,000 in grants, written and received. I don’t know if her opponent would have made this happen.
I know Miller worked hard to get the resolution for the Catskill Recreation Center. Ground has already been broken. I don’t know where her opponent stood on this.
I know Ms. Miller updated the transfer station law where additional fees will be charged to out-of-town users and commercial haulers. Would her opponent have accomplished this? I don’t know.
I know Miller is working on funding for a walk and bike plan for the town, I don’t know if this will continue under her opponent’s term in office.
I know Ms. Miller is working on senior tax relief for our elderly. I don’t know if Mr. Delameter will continue this.
I know Ms. Miller arranged for financial support for the Food Pantry, the Senior Meals Program, American Legion Hall, the Arkville Water District. Would her opponent have been able to accomplish this?
I really don’t know where Mr. Delameter stands on any of this as the scheduled debate was cancelled, and he doesn’t seem to be available for questions.
I know Marge Miller has been readily accessible to everyone to answer all questions on where she stands.
I know when Miller is asked, “Do you really want this flak?” her answer is original. “I want to be re-hired.” That is refreshing, she is asking for the job for the people, not for your vote, and shows me who she is working for.
I remember from my old service days that the flak is heaviest when you’re over the target.
I know Marge Miller to be a fighter, and she is right over the target now and she is taking a lot of flak from her opponent and the local Republican Party. She almost seems to relish it.
I know who I’ll be voting for.

Rob Greenberg,

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