2012-06-06 / Mailbag

Here's the Scoop: June 6, 2012

Having some down time
Did you ever get into one of those stretches where a new injury seemingly pops up everyday? I’m sort of in the midst (or, hopefully at the end) of one such run.

It began a few weeks back with my well-documented painful tooth issue (see dental procedure video on YouTube under the title Holycrapthishurts).

Then, still battling this mouth pain while on vacation, I “rolled” an ankle while walking on the beach. Given the circumstances, many people probably would disqualify this as an “injury.” Especially since the “cure” was more lounge time with a well-stocked cooler of refreshing beverages within easy reaching distance.

Now for something different
Just when my tooth pain had subsided and the inflammation in my ankle was nearly gone, I woke up one morning with a huge area of swelling under one eye. My wife/amateur physician determined that I had suffered a bug bite. With her most subtle bedside manner, she reminded me that I was turning the “vacation” into more of a medical leave of absence.
The good news was that, by the time we left, my maladies were pretty much gone. Until the next one.

Somehow, I recently managed to damage one of my knees. For someone who craves the summer bike riding season, this is not a good injury to experience.

Mystery ailment
The odd thing is that I’m not really sure what exactly I did to make my knee hurt so much. I just know that it does and my inability to do normal “everyday” tasks has been compromised.
Trust me, I realize that the maladies described here are a mere nuisance compared to serious medical problems, but they are nevertheless annoying. And limiting.

As much as I enjoy leisure time, I prefer it as an option, not a mandate. Over the past few days, I find myself craving the “drudgery” of raking rocks and the hardships involving in stalking elusive fern plants, digging them up and bring them to their new home. The lure of weed-whacking — with its steady hum and landscape-changing results — is greatly missed.

Falling behind
The deadline has already passed for the “early jump” that I vowed to get on firewood preparation for next season. The dead and crooked trees in the forest bordering the house seem to taunt me each time I gaze in their direction, with visions of chain saws and splitting mauls (not to be confused with shopping malls), dancing in my head.

But, all those projects are on hold pending the assessment of the “other” doctor. The situation has made me have a greater appreciaton for not being able to do the things I enjoy — now that’s hard labor.
— Brian Sweeney

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