2012-06-06 / Mailbag

No need to return carts

To The Editor:
Yes, I am indeed happy that Freshtown is back in town. But that does not mean I should be doing the work for which someone should be hired. Most other big box stores provide a central location in the parking lot for shopping cart return.

Asking me to return the cart when I no longer need it is the same as asking me to clean my own table in a restaurant. The fast food chains have brainwashed their customers. On the few occasions when I patronize a fast food restaurant I am pleased to leave my table “unbussed,” thus providing work for someone. Years ago, the idea of cleaning your own table in a restaurant was unheard of.
Today, fewer bank tellers, fewer toll collectors. The restaurants have not yet figured out how to automate table cleaning, so they have trained us to do it. How about running water near the exit so we can wash our dishes on the way out?

We should not be doing the task, which traditionally have been provided by the business we patronize. Think of all the many thousands of workers who would be needed if we all decided not to bus our restaurant tables!

Would not Freshtown have to hire people to return the carts? Maybe returning your shopping cart is plain un-American.

Be ashamed. Be very ashamed.

Mitch Jacobs,

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