2012-06-06 / Mailbag

Many deserve recognition

To The Editor:
Wow, what a trip through local time! At the May 16th Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce annual dinner Catskill Mountain News publisher Richard Sanford captained a time machine, taking us back to 1863 with a wealth of mental images from a bygone era.

Congratulations to CMN, recipient of the Chamber’s 2012 Legacy Award… it would seem long overdue! On behalf of WIOX, the Chamber’s Community Service Award recipient, I had the pleasure of sharing the podium with Mr. Sanford and the Watershed Post’s Lissa Harris and Julia Reischel, recipients of the Chamber’s Entrepreneur Award.

The Catskills region is so lucky to have multiple, independent, local media. Our institutions and communities are diverse and many—each with unique histories, local politics and championship school teams; each with unique identities and attractions vying for attention; each with unique topography and hidden hideaways; each with unique economic opportunities and challenges. In other words, there is much that distinguishes our communities and separates us.

But as the May 23 “Chamber Honors Local Media” article in the News attests, our local media bring us together as one greater community. The Catskill Mountain News has been doing this every Wednesday forever, covering both what’s happened and what’s coming up. CMN is the giant. On their shoulders stand two newer media—The Watershed Post—our region’s own continuously updated online information source; and WIOX Community Radio—our live, local 91.3 FM/internet/smartphone entertainment and educational resource.

Yet really, it’s the other giants in the region who do the heavy lifting—the often-thankless work that we in the media cover. People like Glen Faulkner and his crew at MTC—the backbone of local communication, Phillip Mehl and Sandy Horan at Mountainside and Margaretville Hospital—our local well-being and healthcare campus, Peg Ellsworth and the folks at the MARK Project—local experts in finding creative solutions, fundraising, and accepting challenges that fill in the gaps. Without them, and other giants in the region, there is no way our local media could deliver the promise of service to our greater community.

Of course, WIOX greatly appreciates the chamber’s award for what we do, but mostly we see it as encouragement to keep it up.

Joe Piasek,
WIOX Roxbury

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