2012-06-06 / Mailbag

Unite behind pool project

To The Editor:
Whatever happened to the pool/recreation center project?
I looked at Memorial Day weekend with great optimism as I saw the new kayak and bicycle rental places dotted along Route 28 and the obvious increase of vacationer activity as a result of the opening of the Pepacton Reservoir. The bicycling event seemed hugely more successful in turnout than last year.  The combined effects were that the general area felt more alive than it had been for quite a while.

I then started wondering what ever happened to the planned public pool and recreational pavilion that was scheduled to be built on the Arkville cutoff road with financial assistance from Mr. Gould but seems to be a no show to date.

Asking around, some people felt it was sort of mired foot deep in local politics, individual town fiefdom squabbles and questionable unfavorable ROI analysis. If this is true, it seems such a lost opportunity for the whole general area.

I use to work in upper management for Sony Electronics, quite a well-known consumer name. However, behind the scenes it was sadly a dysfunctional company, never reaching its potential. A major reason was that there are three distinct working cultures/business units; the Japanese, the Mexican, and the American, which almost never seemed to cooperate or compromise their own immediate needs/ego for the better good of the whole company. Check out Sony stock lately and the losses they have endured for years now.

We live in a country called the United Sates, where each state is unique and proud, but work together for the common good of the whole nation (well most of the time anyway). In my microcosm analogy, Margaretvillians, Arkvillesonians, Roxburyians, Fleischmanians, and so on, should consider banding together on this issue and become united Middletownians to give new life to the community pool project.

We do not have to be another Sony.

Michael Tanner,

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