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Delaware League All-Stars named

Delaware League All-Stars in baseball, softball, tennis and skiing were announced last week.
The list of league All-Stars follows, with players from Andes, Margaretville and Roxbury in bold.

Baseball All-Stars
FIRST TEAM: Chris Yearsley of Davenport; Josh Ahearn and Ethan Bass of Downsville; Reno Romito and Nick Jones of Hunter-Tannersville; John Cammer and Nick Smith of Jefferson; Cody Stinson and Cody Burns of South Kortright; Gregg Mattice of Stamford; and Anthony Savasta of Windham.
SECOND TEAM: Garrett Reynolds of Davenport; Hunter Grace of Gilboa-Conesville; Tyler Kelaher of Hunter-Tannersville; Jimmy Reeves and Bryan Case of Jefferson; Marshall Bouton and Kyle Short of Margaretville; Eric Shultis and Danny Bird of Roxbury; Brandon Tuttle and Trevor Holdridge of South Kortright; and Matt Anderson of Stamford.
HONORABLE MENTION: Troy Palmer and Brett Hedman of Davenport; Justin Baxter of Downsville; Nick Vogiatis of Gilboa-Conesville; Zach Mudge and Jay Amodio of Hunter-Tannersville; Jacob Pasa and John Quagliano of Jefferson; Mitchell Hull and Ian Williams of Margaretville; Nick Hamil of Roxbury; Dylan Cole and Mike Kaufmann of South Kortright; Erik Ehrhart of Stamford; and Aidan Cohane of Windham.

Softball All-Stars
FIRST TEAM: Brittani Pietrefesa of Davenport; Courtney Jennings of Downsville; Allison McGuire and Shelby Oliver of Gilboa-Conesville; Krystal Plattner of Hunter-Tannersville; Danielle Hull and Amy Filupeit of Margaretville; Cristina Chiarappa, Brittany Keator and Kendal Sprague of Roxbury; and Britney Northrop of South Kortright.
SECOND TEAM: Samantha Maidens of Davenport; Ashley Fuller and Kaileen Townsend of Downsville; Brooke Koerner and Sara Coons; Sarah Murin of Hunter-Tannersville; Elissa Starheim of Jefferson; Rachel Mathiesen of Margaretville; Kennedy Faraci of Roxbury; and Samantha Simpfenderfer and Maggie Charbonneau of Windham.
HONORABLE MENTION: Emily Whipple and Ashley Yearsley of Davenport; Amanda Erwin of Downsville; Miranda Oliver of Gilboa-Conesville; Molly Constable and Denise Warren of Hunter-Tannersville; Emily Wenner of Shania Speenburgh of Jefferson; Tess Svoboda of Margaretville; Shannon Sprague of Roxbury; Rachel Hanselmann and Kelsey Little of South Kortright; Deidra Hill and Kim Freer of Stamford; and Susannah Simpfenderfer of Windham.

Girls’ Skiing All-Stars
FIRST TEAM: Lisa Davis, Lexie Vining and Cayley Woodbeck of Windham.
SECOND TEAM: Katlyn Wood of Hunter-Tannersville; and Mattie Seamans, Catherine Scahill and Samantha Simpfenderfer of Windham.
HONORABLE MENTION: Kaelie VanLoan of Roxbury; and Morgan Boyle of Stamford.

Boys’ Skiing All-Stars
FIRST TEAM: Alan Kochan of Hunter-Tannersville; Ian Williams of Margaretville; and Aiden Cohane of Windham.
SECOND TEAM: Caleb Todd of Margaretville; and Brandon Cohane, Russell Pelham and Alex Brabazon of Windham.
HONORABLE MENTION: Riley Ancona of Margaretville; and Garrett Hinkley of Roxbury.

Tennis All-Stars
FIRST TEAM: David Sandler and Neal Staats of Hunter-Tannersville; Dylan Shaffer and James Warner of Margaretville; Josh Riley of Roxbury; Adam Finkelstein of Stamford; Lisa Davis, Malcolm Seamans and Jeremy Torres of Windham.
SECOND TEAM: Loni Chin of Andes; Dylan Maker of Charlotte Valley; Taylor Dart, Dylan Endy and Mary Tracy of Hunter-Tannersville; Iso Desic of Margaretville; Garrett Hinkley of Roxbury; Ben Bradshaw of Stamford; and Alex Brabazon of Windham.

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