2012-05-23 / Margaretville

Roxbury woman gets Mother's Day Surprise

By Brian Sweeney
A Roxbury woman received a wonderful Mother’s Day surprise when her daughter arrived home after a long deployment in Kuwait.

LTJG (Lieutenant junior grade) Trisha Kutkiewicz has been serving a United States Navy deployment for the past six months, but was able to obtain a leave to pay a surprise visit her mom, Sandy Kutkiewicz. Making the visit even more special is the fact that Sandy has been suffering from the effects of cancer treatments over the past five months.

To arrange the reunion details, Trisha communicated with her dad, Ron Kutkiewicz, through a shipmate. On Mother’s Day, Ron was able to steal away in the afternoon and pick up Trisha at the Albany Airport. He then brought her to the Public Lounge in Roxbury where she waited while her father returned home to bring her mother to the restaurant.

A true Mother’s Day surprise followed, with Sandy bursting into tears and exclaiming to her daughter, “I can’t believe you are here!”
She dubbed the Mother’s Day gift, “Mission Success.”
LTJG Kutkiewicz is a 2009 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy where she was captain of the Sailing Team and majored in oceanography/meteorology.

She has just completed her third deployment. For the past five months, LTJG Kutkiewicz served in Kuwait as ordinance officer with the maritime expeditionary security squadron. Prior to that deployment she served as ordinance officer and assistant chief engineer on the USS Bunker Hill.
Highlighting her tours on the USS Bunker Hill, she and her shipmates were the first Navy ship to arrive in Haiti after the disaster and provide humanitarian aid to the population. The Bunker Hill was also part of the strike force that successfully eliminated Osama Bin Laden.

LTJG Kutkiewicz also headed up a six-day public relations cruise for parents and relatives of sailors on board the Bunker Hill from Hawaii to San Diego to learn about the depth of skills possessed by US sailors and to also experience the rigors of sailing on board a modern naval vessel.

The Kutkiewicz family has owned property in Roxbury for about six years and moved there permanently four years ago.

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