"The Truth About Cinderella" will be revealed at Andes show

Fairy tale adaptations have become a popular literature genre. Adaptations are built around an original fairy tale but altered in some way. Characters may be changed, the language may be simplified, or the story line might be modified.
Fairy tale adaptations are not limited to literature. Play scripts, too, have been altered to present a unique take of a traditional fairy tale. Juniors and seniors at Andes Central School have been busy putting the finishing touches on their 2008 musical production, “The Truth About Cinderella.” This unique and amusing adaptation is scheduled for stage productions this Friday and Saturday evenings, March 7 and 8. Showtime will begin at 7 p.m. on both nights. Tickets are $5.
No doubt you’re thinking poor Cinderella. Not this time! Its poor stepmother and stepsisters – sweetly, desperately trying to drag Cinderella away from her beloved brooms and brushes to go to the ball! Two Godmothers—two! One stepmother tells Cinderella the truth, she needs to shape up and stop making herself and everyone else miserable. The other stepmother pulls Cinderella in the opposite direction giving advice on how she can make everyone even more miserable.
If that’s not bad enough, consider the royal family. Speaking of contrasts, the King is determined to marry off his son, the queen is determined not to. Adding to the story line is the prince, a lyric tenor who has nothing to say. True to tradition, Cinderella wins her prince but not before everyone experiences some twists and turns along the way.
It’s a story turned upside-down. It’s a story all about laughs. It’s a story you don’t want to miss. Set aside a night this weekend for lots of laughs and good times at ACS as you find out “The Truth About Cinderella.”