Here's the Scoop: December 16, 2015

And the winners are...

I’m pleased to announce that the Business Association of Margaretville (BAM) named my wife one of the three winners in last week’s cookie Cookie Baking Contest sponsored! More...

Posted 12/15/2015 08:14 PM

Here's The Scoop: December 2, 2015

Relax and Stay for a (short) time

Like many people, we just hosted guests over the Thanksgiving weekend. The kind who stayed for five days. Two over the accepted limit. More...

Posted 12/1/2015 10:03 PM

Here's the Scoop: November 18, 2015

Blowing in the Wind

 Faithful readers are well aware, by now, that “odd” occurrences follow me like toilet paper that sticks to one’s shoe in a public restroom. More...

Posted 11/17/2015 05:46 PM

Here's The Scoop: November 4, 2015

RIght Number

As a general rule, I enjoy advancements in technology as much as most people. It’s paying for these breakthroughs that often makes me hesitate in keeping pace. More...

Posted 11/3/2015 09:24 PM

Here's the Scoop: October 21, 2015

Taste of Controversy

So, this is awkward. I’m getting plenty of mentions in this week’s paper. Most, I’d rather not be receiving! More...

Posted 10/20/2015 04:35 PM

Here's The Scoop: October 7, 2015

It's Fuel Changeover Time Again

Like most Americans (except maybe the ones who have invested heavily in oil stocks), I’ve been enjoying the relatively low gasoline prices that we’ve had for a number of months.  More...

Posted 10/6/2015 09:32 PM

Here's the Scoop: September 23, 2015

Lost without it. Lost with it.

Traveling nowadays is certainly much different than it was in the recent past. Gone are the times when unruly maps were unfurled and the tiny colored lines were scrutinized by motorists seeking to get from Point A to Point B. More...

Posted 9/22/2015 10:52 PM

Here's the Scoop: September 9, 2015

Are they gone yet?

Another holiday weekend — another houseful of company. Well, “houseful” may be a slight exaggeration. I think we had two guests. It just seemed like more. More...

Posted 9/8/2015 10:08 PM

Here's the Scoop: August 26, 2015

That stinks, too. Or two

Yes. In case you were wondering. More...

Posted 8/25/2015 09:09 PM

Here's the Scoop: August 19, 2015

Summer scents

I recently asked an ex-Catskill Mountain resident who has moved to the Left Coast, but returned for a visit, if she misses it around here. She said the “green” was something that she really enjoys on her returns to the east. More...

Posted 8/19/2015 01:22 PM

Here's the Scoop: July 29, 2015

Hard to gauge things

Having the “latest and greatest” gadgets is an obsession for some folks. I like cool things — within reason — but can’t say that I’m camping out on the sidewalk in front of an Apple store waiting to get my hands on the latest iPhone. More...

Posted 7/28/2015 09:02 PM

Here's the Scoop: July 15, 2015

Living small. Very small

The rumor that baseball is the only thing I watch on TV isn’t true. Sometimes I tune into House Hunters. That usually occurs when the baseball season is over. Or, during the All-Star break when there are no games. More...

Posted 7/15/2015 11:05 AM

Here's The Scoop: July 1, 2015

Facebook is not always truthful “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated,” said Mr. Twain. The same with the reports of my death, too, thanks to the wonders of Facebook. More...

Posted 7/1/2015 10:14 AM

Here's the Scoop: June 17, 2015

The birds are singing. . . it’s awful!

I love the rare weekend when I can “sleep in.” Seems like those days are rare, though. This time of year, there are a few obstacles that make sleeping late even more difficult. And they have wings. More...

Posted 6/17/2015 09:07 AM

Here's the Scoop: June 3, 2015

Money-saving idea

I’ve been told that there’s an old gardening saying that goes something like, “You spend five years putting it in and the rest of your life pulling it out.” Smart person who came up with that one. More...

Posted 6/3/2015 08:19 AM

Here's the Scoop: May 20, 2015

Woodland creaturesTicks. Love ’em or hate ’em. Actually, I’m not sure I know of anyone who loves these little creatures. Except maybe the bigger animals that find them to be tasty morsels. More...

Posted 5/27/2015 08:57 AM

Here's The Scoop: May 6, 2015

Foraging time is here again We ramped up for some foraging over the weekend. Actually, I guessed we “foraged” for ramps — wild leeks, as some folks like to call them. I looked it up and these babies are not technically leeks. More...

Posted 5/5/2015 07:00 PM

Here's the Scoop: December 9, 2015

That’s the way the cookie... tastes

Our daughter is helping organize a Cookie Baking Contest being held this Saturday, Dec. 12 at the new Stick in the Mud store in Margaretville. The event is part of a full day of activities designed to promote community business. More...

Posted 12/8/2015 10:25 PM

Here's the Scoop: November 25, 2015

Can This Be True?

Facebook. Don’t get me started. Too late. More...

Posted 11/25/2015 12:09 AM

Here's the Scoop: November 11, 2015

Feeling Young, again

A few months back, I wrote here about a journey to Bethel Woods to worship at the music altar of Neil Young. It was, as they say, awesome. More...

Posted 11/10/2015 10:51 PM

Here's the Scoop:October 28, 2015

Dining Out

By now, my skills in preparing tuna melts are quite well known to readers of this column. Some people have actually encouraged me to open a tuna melt-only restaurant More...

Posted 10/27/2015 08:54 PM

Let me look that up

I’m not sure when this occurred, but it recently dawned on me that I actually enjoy researching things online. It gives my life purpose. Well, actually, I do it to save money.  More...

Posted 10/13/2015 07:48 PM

Here's the Scoop: Sept. 30, 2015

If a leaf falls and there’s no one to see it...

It’s time for the Annual Foliage Debate in our household. This event is sometimes known at Leaf Me Alone. I realize that some folks travel hundreds of miles to the Catskill Mountains to enjoy this annual rite of autumn. More...

Posted 9/29/2015 08:51 PM

Here's the Scoop: September 16, 2015

Counting the days

So, are you as tired as I am of hearing people lament the end of summer? You probably are — unless you’re one of those folks spreading the word. More...

Posted 9/15/2015 08:40 PM

Here's the Scoop: September 2, 2014

Collection Time

Collection time Just when I thought I was running out of “projects,” a new one has presented itself. Unlike most of the “hobbies” that I tackle, the new one doesn’t involve a shovel, wheelbarrow or perspiration. More...

Posted 9/1/2015 09:06 PM

Here's The Scoop: August 12, 2015

Spectator sport

Spectator sport   More...

Posted 8/19/2015 01:32 PM

Here's the Scoop: August 5, 2015

Silence is golden

I think this is what they call a “mixed blessing.” It seems our cat recently came down with a case of laryngitis. More...

Posted 8/4/2015 10:57 PM

Here's the Scoop: July 22, 2015

Forever Young

As the unofficial “music editor” at the News, I continue to draw some interesting assignments. More...

Posted 7/21/2015 07:48 PM

Here's the Scoop: July 8, 2015

Looking for The Truth

It was the “Call of the Wild” when I opened the “Truth Cam” I received for my birthday. More commonly known as a “game camera,” this little device is primarily meant to record wildlife activities that take place outdoors, usually at night. More...

Posted 7/8/2015 12:50 PM

Here's the Scoop: June 24, 2015

What? No photos?

The story of the two convicted murderers has been a hot one for more than two weeks. The whole dramatic escape in “Shawshank Redemption” style has been well documented. More...

Posted 6/24/2015 09:12 AM

Here's the Scoop: June 10, 2015

There’s never anything (good) on

No one can ever accuse me of being “out in front” of trends. I’ll confess, I had never even heard the term “bingewatching” until a few months ago. In many ways, I guess that’s a good thing. More...

Posted 6/10/2015 09:46 AM

Here's the Scoop: May 27, 2015

A sporting gesture

A sporting gestureI completed my first triathlon over the weekend.  No sweat. More...

Posted 5/27/2015 04:36 PM

How dry I am. We are.

Dry enough for ya? That seems to be a common question. Well, if it isn’t, it should be. More...

Posted 5/12/2015 07:00 PM

Here's the Scoop

Unplanned diet I recently underwent a “My wife has been nagging me for three years ‘annual’ physical.” Like many people, visiting a doctor’s office isn’t high on my list of favorite activities. More...

Posted 4/28/2015 07:00 PM