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‘Goals Development’ key for new RCS School Board

Boards wants sharper focus on real issues
By Eddie Donoghue

Key appointments were made as well as a new committee called “Goals Development” when the Roxbury Central School Board of Education held its yearly organizational meeting on July 2.

The meeting began with newly elected board member Dawn Kalleberg being welcomed and administered the oath of faithful performance by Superintendent Tom O’Brien.

“I’m just really glad to be able to serve the community and I’m excited to be a part of the school board,” Kelleberg said.

Fersch president again

It was voted unanimously that longtime board member Ed Fersch will return next year to continue his duties as board president. The vote for vice president was a bit more complicated as two board members were nominated.

Fersch nominated Kelli Winnie, who served as vice president for the board this past school year and board member Ed Dalski nominated newly appointed Kalleberg. As both women were interested in the position and voted for themselves, the final vote came down to Denise Johnston. Johnston ultimately voted for Winnie, making her the vice president with a vote of three to two.

At one point in the meeting, Dalski asked to address the board about some of his concerns.

“Maybe we should have a little more emphasis on post high school education,” he said.

He also voiced his disappointment at RCS’s SAT results as he had done during the June 16 board meeting. “We talk about goals, but we don’t set them. So, maybe we should set these goals and then we can discuss them. We don’t have enough dialogue as a board and I would like to promote that,” Dalski said.

Fersch floated the idea of a new committee called Goals Development that could address some of the issues Dalski brought up. He explained that traditionally goals were discussed around October so that the goals could be incorporated into the school’s budget as it is developed.

Implementing new goals

The new committee would both aid the traditional approach and give the board the opportunity to implement new goals as soon as this coming school year. The committee will be comprised of Dalski, who partly inspired it, and Kalleberg who said, “I love developing goals.”

Nine other committees were filled: the Policy Committee will be made up of Fersch and Winnie; Facilities Planning will be handled by Fersch alone; Curriculum and Instruction will be handled by Denise Johnston; Labor Management will be comprised of Fersch and Winnie; Budget and Finance will be filled by Dalsky and Johnston who will also serve as the Audit Committee; Dalski will act as the RCMT Representative; Fersch will be the NYSSBA Legislative Liason and Kalleberg and Winnie will make up the Wellness and Safety Committee.

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