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Take back your party

To the Editor:

Our two major political parties have changed over the past 50/60 years.

The Country Club Republican centrists of the Eisenhower fifties who built our Interstate highway system are gone. The Bob Dole days of borrow to pay farm subsidies with the hope that future tax revenue will pay tomorrow what government spends today, are over for the Republicans. Today they’re more fiscally conservative, though you wouldn’t know it by this year’s budget.

The Democrats of the sixties are also gone. Support of the working class, the labor unions and civil rights movement are no longer their focus. To the Democratic Party, they are a secure voting bloc to be called on during elections.

The new battle cry for Democratic leadership today is to sanction and protect, the unlimited legal/illegal immigration from selective countries. The block and resist movement opposes any immigration law that would stop illegal immigration. Immigrants will become a future voting bloc for the liberal progressives who shut down the government. Legal/illegal immigration is also a cheap nonunion labor pool. The days of John F. Kennedy, Scoop Jackson and Tip O’Neal are gone. Both parties are pulling in totally opposite directions. The country is like a wagon being pulled left/right not forward. Today’s Democratic Party embraces higher taxes, (redistribution of wealth) excessive regulation, free trade and unrestricted immigration.

The New Dems have a one world economic mentality of unrestricted trade with no protective barriers for the U S manufacturing industry. We are the only country in the world that commits economic suicide for a “one world mentality.” Manufacturing is the bread and butter of the blue-collar working class. The high corporate taxes (39%+) and layers of regulation, have forced American manufacturing to go overseas to seek a friendlier manufacturing climate to stay competitive. These punitive policies are driven by the new leadership of the Democratic Party’s Liberal Progressive Socialists. Democrats in name only.

Wall Street was doing very well under free trade; manufacturing products overseas; shipping them back to the US and selling them to the people that lost their manufacturing jobs, for a much lower price than “Made in America.” We Americans buy what is cheap at the expense of American jobs.

Over the years the blue-collar jobs with good pay moved to countries with low labor costs. More and more middle class fell to poverty level due to the economic policy of the Washington swamp. These job killing polices accelerated in the past 10 years. The only answers for the working class were unemployment, learn a new trade (with lower wages) and public assistance

The Democrats abandoned, Middle America, the everyday folks, working 8/12 hours to bring home a pay check, after the Washington swamp took its share of the forgotten man’s sweat. That is why the Liberal Progressive Dems lost the election. Their arrogance put my president in the white house. Because all we got from the Dems was higher taxes, more regulation, less job opportunities and stagnant wages

These Progressive Socialist elites shanghaied the Democratic Party to carry out their agenda of a one-world, open border, European type of socialism to be forced on us if their candidate had won the election.

My purpose of writing this letter is not to insult my good neighbor Democrats; rather to explain how I and many others interpret your Democratic Party of today. I personally would like to see you, the blue-collar Dems take your party back. I know there are many out there who agree. America is and will be facing many challenges in the future we all need to pull together in the same general direction for the common good of our country.

You may agree\disagree with my opinions, I welcome your comments.

Kurt Holcher,

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr. Holcherr’s letter is longer than the 500-word limit we apply. We are letting it run at this length because there were no other letters this week and there was enough space to accommodate the extra words. However, we remind all writers that we do retain the right to impose a limit on the length of letters.

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