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Which one’s Pink?

We had dinner recently with some friends who I’ve known since elementary school. That’s a long time, according to the calendar.

We enjoyed a really nice evening and it was a good chance to catch up on everyone’s lives. Even in a small community, it’s a bit too easy to become disconnected. Especially when your friends don’t necessarily share your enthusiasm about the prospect of moving rocks. Just kidding. When you’re dealing with true friends, rock moving doesn’t provide an obstacle. Still, help with rock hauling is not a favor I’d seek. Hernias can place a real strain on relationships.

Even though the line, “Hey, we’re repositioning some really heavy rocks next weekend, if you’re going to be around…” was never uttered, we talked about plenty of other topics. Including dentistry.

Let’s time travel (backwards) for a minute. In the sixth grade, our parents received a note from our teacher stating, “We need to separate those two,” regarding my partner in minor classroom disruptions and myself. I guess they ultimately decided it was no use and we got into our share of trouble for years. Fortunately, the police were never involved.

The root of the issue

Fast-forward to last weekend and my longtime pal and I were deeply involved in a discussion regarding our experiences at a dentist who we both use. As we drilled down into the discussion, the wise wife of my friend, another childhood pal, used a break in the conversation to remark, “Do you realize what you two are talking about?”

Translation: “Whoa, this is a long way from the days of playing air guitar to ‘Frankenstein’ at the Moores’ camp during those unforgettable party weekends.”

Those were the days. As far as I can remember.

These days aren’t so bad, either. After we chewed on the dental discussion, talk turned to adult children. Even retirement plans. Weird, because high school couldn’t possibly be that long ago.

One of my favorite words

At some point, my wife mentioned that another friend had offered to provide us with FREE tickets to a show by Pink Floyd mastermind Roger Waters. As much as I enjoy live music, my lack of a sense of adventure had me declining the invitation — free or not.

“It’s too far and seems like a lot of work,” I responded.

“It’s not like I’m asking you to go to the ‘Dark Side of the Moon,’” my wife countered.

Well, actually, that was exactly where a Roger Waters concert would inevitably lead.

Normally, I would include a line here that the concert would cost too much “Money,” but our female friend had told I need to stop mentioning my “thrifty” ways in my column. So, I’m taking her advice. Still, no Pink Floyd column is complete without a nod to “Money.”

As much as I enjoy the epic tunes of Pink Floyd, spending half-a-day driving and then rushing back home wasn’t all that appealing.

Time’s a wasting

My wife insisted that a Pink Floyd concert was on her “bucket list.” I really hate that term, but I understood. I only have painting on my bucket list.

That was when our female friend offered some words of wisdom, directed straight at me: “You just spent 15 minutes discussing dental procedures and retirement was a big topic, too. Pretty soon you won’t be able to hear a rock concert — no matter how loud. This shouldn’t be like pulling teeth.”

She was right. When we get to the show, I plan on sending our good friends a note, “Wish You Were Here.”

If you can’t relate to the songs in quotes, it probably wasn’t that long ago, you were getting in trouble with your high school friends. — Brian Sweeney

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