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The heat is on

I’ve become the News’ unofficial wedding reviewer, but I can’t do that all the time. I have a limited number of weddings I can attend within a year.

In fact, when a sister-in-law recently announced her engagement, I felt the need to gently remind her that there’s now a “Two-Year Family Wedding Moratorium” in effect. Since she lives near Baltimore, I did mention that it’s possible for her to receive a waiver, as long as it’s a summer wedding and the Orioles are in town. I even suggested having Orioles Park at Camden Yards as the wedding venue — perhaps between games of a doubleheader.

During our most recent wedding excursion — detailed here last week — I was able to coordinate a pleasant stop at Camden Yards en route to our ultimate destination in Virginia. Making the ballpark detour even nicer was the fact that the Orioles rallied from a 5-1 deficit and earned a thrilling 9-7 victory. One of the Orioles on my Fantasy Baseball team homered and had a big game. A perfect night.

Sticky situation

Well, perfect, unless you consider stifling 94-degree game time temperatures a wee bit uncomfortable. My wife enjoys going to the ballpark as much as I do, but the heat was pretty tough to endure. She and my sister-in-law (the one who is forbidden from getting married within the next two years, as I have to keep reminding her) were very “game” companions at the ballpark. I couldn’t blame them for occasionally wandering back inside the stadium in search of some heat relief. Plus, whenever they left, the Orioles hit home runs!

Because there was no real way to escape the heat, I tried a little psychology to try to lower the temperature.

“Remember that game about five years when we sat on the first base side and weren’t out of the searing sun until the eighth inning? Aren’t you glad I got seats along the third base side this time?” I only got chilly stares.

Imagine my near panic when the Rangers rallied in the top of the ninth to cut the deficit from four runs to two and they had the tying run at the plate. Like true sisters, they both looked at me in a near panic, knowing there was no way I’d want to leave the park if the game went into extra innings. “The heat is on the Orioles, but they will prevail,” I responded in my most optimistic tone.

A close call

Seconds later, a Texas batter sent a long drive into the outfield, but the Orioles fielder easily made the game-ending grab. “Cool!” we sighed in unison. Not exactly, but it was now after 10 p.m., so relief was on its way. It was down to 90 on the ride back to the not-soon-to-be bride’s house. I pretty much had goose bumps.

Still excited by the Orioles’ victory, the next day we headed to Virginia to begin three days of wedding-related festivities. For those of you not schooled in geography, Virginia is south of Maryland — and hotter. With each mile traveled, the thermometer on my car measuring the outside temperature crept a bit higher. We took a picture of the reading at 108 degrees. Thankfully, it only got up to 109.

By Wedding Day, temperatures had plummeted to only about 102. Good thing I brought a fleece.

Since she’s planning two years ahead, I mentioned to my sister-in-law that weddings in the not-so-balmy Catskill Mountains are now considered to be very hip. Even if it costs me a chance to see the Orioles. I think she’s warming up to the idea. — Brian Sweeney

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