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New Years Resolutions by Bob Beyfuss

Happy New Year to all of you dear readers! I sincerely hope that 2017 is a great year for you and for the entire world. It certainly will be different, philosophically at least, from a political perspective. After eight years having a democratic president, our country has chosen to move to the right. Despite the rhetoric that both parties proclaim each time we have a presidential election, about the “horrors” of what will surely happen if the opponent is elected, little of what either party platform espouses actually transpires. For the most part, our country is governed by “agencies” staffed by unelected people who have no term limit. Regardless of who is “in charge” the agencies will continue to carry on whatever policy they have adopted over time. If you would like a laugh sometime, Google and read the presidential party platforms from the past 50 years or so, just to see how little of the wining party’s platform actually turns into policy. I can guarantee you that no cabinet level agencies will be eliminated!

In a very similar fashion, this is the time of year when we make promises to ourselves that we may or may not keep. We are all politicians in that regard. These New Year resolutions usually revolve around some sort of health or life style change that we know will be good for us. Unfortunately this is a lousy time of the year to expect healthy lifestyle changes. It is the middle of winter and dealing with winter weather is about as much sacrifice as most people around here can handle. It is hard to go on a diet when surrounded by holiday cookies, treats, cakes, pie and leftover turkey. It is hard to spend less time watching TV or reading Facebook posts when it is cold and dark for 18 hours a day! I must admit that I did quit smoking cigarettes on New Year’s Day, 1979, but that was after almost two years of seriously thinking about and planning it. That is perhaps the most important resolution I have ever accomplished.

A nice compromise is to make resolutions that we don’t need to act on until the weather is nice again. By spring, no one will remember what we said anyway. Healthy life style changes are easier when the sun is shining. So, I therefore resolve the following things that I will most likely forget by June. None of these are really new, but no one has called me out on any of them either, despite my putting them in print almost every New Year.

In 2017, I resolve to plant no more then six tomato plants (O.K. maybe eight) but no more. I resolve to plant only one hill of zucchini and winter squash. I will grow at least one new crop, maybe eggplant, this year. I will plant only a dozen leeks and not the 50 or so, which come in the cell pack. I wonder if anyone is able to just toss out the extra transplants purchased in a cell pack? I try to give them away but if no one wants them, they inevitable get planted anyway. I will not order any seeds through the mail. I may not even look at the dozen or so seed catalogues I receive. I won’t buy any gardening gadgets that don’t actually work anywhere, except on TV. I will not watch the Weather Channel for more than a half hour per day. I will read at least three books that are not about ginseng. Finally, I will lose 15 pounds and paint my house. How is that for an ambitious agenda?

Check back with me in seven months to see how I am doing, or maybe don’t!

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