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Now hear this - softly

Everyone, it seems, performs Christmas songs these days. Some folks might think that musicians making holiday music is a quick and easy way to make a little extra money. If that’s the case, this trend fits in perfectly with the reality of Christmas.

Each year, more musicians (including many who wouldn’t seem to need the extra dough), churn out holiday tunes. Sometimes these folks just record one holiday classic and call it a day. Or a paycheck. Others churn out an entire album. The latter choice is rarely a good one, to my ears.

With the passing seasons, I have less and less patience with holiday tunes — even old favorites sometimes just become, well, old. For that reason, I’m always on the listen for interesting twists on classics, or maybe even some brand new holiday themed songs.

I guess that’s why I took the recommendation to program in “Hipster Holidays Radio” among my Pandora online stations. I was kind of curious as to what would make Hipster holiday tunes different than Average Joe holiday favorites.

No offense meant

At the risk of offending a segment of the population, I have to confess that I was secretly hoping that the Hipster Holidays Radio would be an improvement over the Hipster Cocktail Classics station that had been recommended to us recently. How do I say this politely: Hipsters don’t rock. I’m not sure why, but Hipsters seem drawn to music that’s — what’s the word — boring.

I guess they can’t help it and I don’t mean this as a put down (well, probably, I do), but I’m getting the feeling that Hipsters claim to like certain styles of music just to be able to have a certain style of music they like. And, well, that music seems to be pretty much boring.

Now, before I get any Hipsters riled up enough to start tossing their Matt Wertz vinyl version of “White Christmas” against the wall, I have to go “on record” as saying it’s fine to like boring music. I’d also like to note that I’ve never heard of Matt Wertz, but that’s not important. There are always great musicians out there waiting to be discovered.

Could be exceptions

Plus, I’ll bet there are plenty of Hipsters out there who really appreciate some ear-raising rock-n-roll. I’ve just never heard of this segment of Hipsters.

Truth be told, I’m not even sure of the definition of a Hipster. I have been told, however, that this group of folks HATES being called Hipsters. My guess is they only dislike the term if it’s said too loudly for their tastes.

Another thing I’ve heard about Hipsters is that Pabst Blue Ribbon beer is often a beverage of choice. OK. I’m sure PBR, as it’s shortened to in Hipster-ese, is a very fine beer. Or, possibly Hipsters just like to watch their pennies and avoid the high-priced craft beers that people with good taste prefer. Or, maybe PBR lulls the consumers of this beverage into thinking the music they like is rock-n-roll — when it clearly isn’t.

As the old saying goes, “There’s no accounting for taste.” Or love of boring music. — Brian Sweeney

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