2016-12-07 / Mailbag

A true community

To The Editor:

On the evening of Saturday, Nov. 26, my wife and I returned from dinner to find our house filled with smoke. After determining that a fire had started behind our fireplace wall, we dialed 911. In less than 15 minutes volunteer responders from the Roxbury and Halcott fire departments began arriving at our home. Within a short time there were more than a dozen responders on the scene. Over the next 5+ hours these folks worked to uncover and put out the source of the fire. They took great pains to create minimal damage and distress.

I cannot overstate their professionalism, their courtesy and their communication during this stressful evening. They did not ask for thanks, but that is what they deserve. As a former EMT, I realize the value of having these volunteer professionals available in our community, who are willing to drop their personal priorities in order to help someone else in a time of need. Their prompt responsible actions certainly made the difference between losing our house and possessions and just having a moderate repair job to tackle.

My wife and I want to thank our community of volunteer firefighters, and remind everyone, when you see those guys standing in the street with their donation buckets, please support your local fire department.

We also want to extend our thanks to the Sluiter Agency, who promptly rallied our insurance adjuster, cleaning service, and contractor to the scene first thing on Monday, which has made our recovery/rebuild process as stress free as possible.

And finally we want to thank all the many members of the community who reached out to us through email, phone calls, and social media to offer any help we might need. We were moved by your caring sincere and timely response to our situation. We can only hope to return the favor someday.

It takes a community is a common phrase these days, but we know this particular community showed a special caring for us and our situation.

You have given us even more reason to double down on our commitment to the region we love and the community we have chosen to live.

Chris and Dana Hensley,

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