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‘Hometown Newspaper’ feature a reminder of CMN’s long roots

Weekly notations highlight local folks
Staff report

The Catskill Mountain News is pleased to begin a new feature this week that highlights what makes papers like this survive and thrive in a world of “new” media.

At the age of 157, having been published weekly since 1863, the News is the hometown newspaper of thousands of people who have lived in, worked in or visited this part of the Catskill Region.

Here, in a format we describe as “intensely local, uniquely personal” we share the stories of friends and neighbors, local governments and non-profit agencies, community businesses and institutions and all such manner of things that are important to our readers.

Because we are intensely local, we don’t write about national or statewide issues. Readers can get that information elsewhere. And because we are local, we are also personal, covering stories by and about people our readers often know personally.

It’s your paper, too

To keep ourselves, and our readers, mindful of our local and personal mission, we have established a front page banner that will call out the name of a reader each week. The names will be chosen randomly from subscribers and newsmakers, reminding us that everyone is significant and that our product and our longevity is produced for and sustained by the people we serve.

This week, we’re thinking of Jimmy Wilber, who owned the Inn Between in Margaretville for many years and now relies on the News to travel south, brining him weekly information that keeps him connected to old friends and neighbors.

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