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Gas "station" returns to Andes

Andes General Store open every day
Joan Lawrence-Bauer

"Pretty dang excited," is how Lauren Atcher described her feelings about pumping gas again at the Andes General Store.  Since she opened last November Atcher's been working to get tanks running again and for more than two years, there has been no place in Andes to buy gas.  

Atcher said that technology was a big issued in getting the service going.  "Everything has to talk to everything else," she said.  "The tank, the pos system, the monitors......."

Atcher said that the State of New York and its DEC and the City of New York and the DEP were great and helpful, as was the Verona Oil Company who, she said "Came through with the gas with one day's notice when I was finally ready." 

In the end, she said, it was really one bad sales rep at one private sector company that created the worst nightmares.  "Getting the tank took forever," said Atcher.  "It was on their lot for more than a month and a half and we finally had to threaten legal action to get it down here."

But down here it is - just in time for throngs of visitors expected for Andes Community Days on 8/13 and 8/14.  Atcher said people will find ethanol prices cheaper than they are in Delhi.  And though some have complained at the $2.55 per gallon gas price, she says it' the price that has to be paid for being in such a rural spot in Andes.  

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