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Here's The Scoop

Some music and a chat

Bravo, Adele! The pop superstar recently made headlines stopped in the middle of a show and asked a fan to put away her video camera, because the show was happening right in front of her — “live.”

Singer/songwriter Ray LaMontagne has gained a bit of a reputation for growing annoyed with people yakking during his shows. He’s even been known to ask folks — not so politely — to shut up or get out. Sometimes he doesn’t wait around, preferring to be the one who leaves until the talking ceases.

At one show, Ray even bluntly suggested that some motor mouths in the audience buy a record, take it home and talk all they want while it’s playing. Cheers to you, too, Ray!

Don’t forget my new release!

Cynical people might think that Ray was merely trying to boost sales of his own music, but I’m guessing most folks in his audience already owned most of his records. Plus, well, when the person you’ve come to see in concert ask that you leave (usually preceded by a few choice cuss words), it’s unlikely you’re gonna run out and support their efforts anymore. Or, get a warm and fuzzy feeling when listening to their tunes.

I’m certainly no sensitive musician, but I totally get how annoyed these artists must be when tons of folks pay a lot of money to come see/hear their shows — and then a handful of people in the audience forget why they’ve come — and talk and take videos and act like they’re at home on the deck. Unfortunately, these concert goers tend to forget that they are “concert goers” and the idea behind this concept is to experience the joys of live music.

Just as importantly, these “Chatty Cathys,” as we like to call them, seem unaware that all those people crowded around them have paid good money — and usually quite a chunk of it — to be part of this experience. I guess because I’m a strong combination of cheap/music lover, I take my concert going pretty seriously. I never liked to hear my schoolteachers droning on and on, but I had little choice in that matter. At concerts, I have options.

Talk about a coincidence

Either there are A LOT of people who view concerts as a super place to catch up on old times with friends in nonstop conversation, or I’m a magnet for these folks. For whatever reason, it seems like every show I attend, these social butterflies always wind up near me.. Just lucky, I guess.

There are some people who may disagree, but I’m usually pretty mild mannered — until you talk and shoot video nonstop next to me at a concert. Oddly, no matter how loud the concert, idle chatter cuts through the noise and becomes more annoying than a bad ’80s pop song. But, when it comes to concerts, I tend to loose my cool a bit and ask nicely — and then not so nicely — folks to keep quiet. Some listen, some don’t.

From now on, I’m trying a new tactic. When I tap a yakker on the shoulder, I plan to tell them, “I can’t hear all of your conversation, the band is too loud.” Maybe they will get the message — that would be music to my ears. — Brian Sweeney

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