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No more 4th of July parties

To The Editor:

To our friends and neighbors, we are sad to say that, after 26 years, there will be no more 4th of July parties at our place in Bovina.

The tradition leaves us with a wealth of cherished memories, but no longer the means and energy to carry it on.

Thank you!

Your contributions of food, help, and good will were the essence of the party for us: a spontaneous community with a life of its own. We feel lucky and so grateful to have shared with you such togetherness and so much fun.

Brooke and Peter,

Setting the record straight

To The Editor:

I would like the opportunity to address regarding last week’s front page article, “Cemetery Upkeep”. Since Clovesville Cemetery was specifically addressed I feel it is my place to set the record straight as to why the Town of Middletown provides funding to this cemetery.

First and foremost, Clovesville cemetery is not a private cemetery. Clovesville is a public cemetery, which operates as a 501(c)3 not for profit organization and is under the strict supervision of New York State Division of Cemeteries. A complete set of law and cemetery regulation can be found at http://www.dos.ny.gov/cmty/index.html. You can also find on a complete list of public cemeteries on this site by county so there is no confusion as to who is public and who is private.

Now to explain why Clovesville Cemetery receives funding. In 2010 legislation amended the general municipal law in relation to voluntary assistance to public cemetery corporations. The general municipal law was amended by adding a new section 165-a to read as follows:

§ 165-a. Voluntary municipal assistance to public cemetery corporations. Any municipal corporation may appropriate and provide funding to a public cemetery corporation as defined in article fifteen of the not-for-profit corporation law. In lieu of or in addition to providing funding to a public cemetery corporation, any municipal corporation may provide goods and/or services to a public cemetery corporation as defined in article fifteen of the not-for-profit corporation law.

§ 2. This act shall take effect immediately.

Several years ago Clovesville cemetery’s general funds operating budget started to become severely depleted due to low interest rates and having no plots to sell. Once the operating funds are gone the cemetery corporation will have no choice but to dissolve and be turned over to the Town of Middletown. This then becomes a burden to the township. The township is required to honor all existing deeds and mow the cemetery only two or three times a year. In an effort to slow the process of turning the cemetery over to the town, a letter was sent to both the state and the town and it was agreed upon based on the above rule, it would be in the best interest of the Town of Middletown to provide municipal assistance and keep it in the hands of the Clovesville Cemetery Association as long as possible.

Each year in April the Cloves- ville cemetery is required to post a legal ad in the Catskill Mountain News to advertise its annual meeting of the board and plot holders. It’s at this time the board reviews its operating bud- get, rules and regulations and any other important business. We encourage the public to get involved, ask questions and help if you can. Sadly, each year, no one ever shows. We are grateful the Town of Middletown stepped up and provided monetary assistance which helps pays for two mowings a year. Without this assistance the Clovesville Cemetery would have disincorporated years ago.

Joanie Merwin,
Clovesville Cemetery Assoc.

Vote for farmer Yandik

To The Editor:

The congressional primary on Tuesday, June 28 is where all NY-19 Democrats will make the critical decision as to the candidate they want to see on the ballot in the general election in November, and from there elected to work for us in the U.S. House of Representatives. I have spent significant time listening to both candidates, and to me, Will Yandik is clearly the best choice.

Will is the Democratic candidate that was born and raised in this district. He understands us and our needs. He talks in detail about the demographics of our district and has well thought out ideas for ways to not only work national issues, but also to help us. He is the Democratic candidate with experience governing, having won election and reelection to the town board in his heavily Republican town. He has proven he can work together with his colleagues, regardless of party, and get progressive goals accomplish- ed. He is the candidate that talks not only about what he is for and what he opposes, but can also articulate the key steps in making progress and how he would proceed. Plus he is well rounded as a successful farmer, teacher, and journalist.

We need a candidate that is one of us, knows us, cares, and knows how to make the right things happen. This is why we need Will Yandik!

Please join me in voting for Will Yandik in the Federal Primary on Tuesday, June 28, with the polls open from noon to 9 p.m. And please encourage others to do so as well.

Laura Ricci,
Chair Woodstock
Democratic Committee

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