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On the Street: February 10, 2016

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By Emily Friedman

With Valentine’s Day coming up this week, we wondered about how many different ways there are to define love. Some use this holiday to express their most intimate sentiments to the “romance” interest in their lives. Whether that’s husband, wife, or significant other, roses, wine, champagne and chocolates delivered with sappy sentiments get the point across.

But for others, Valentine’s Day is a chance to look at all of the love relationships in our lives. We get cards for parents and children, siblings and friends, and elementary school kids come home with a bundle of cards, lollipops and love hearts from classmates.

Our wandering reporter, Emily Friedman, wondered how local folks define love at this special time of year. Here’s what she found out.

Owner of Wildflowers,

“Love is a universal word that can eliminate hate and fear, and heal and awaken one’s soul.”

Health Benefits Representative,

“Love is listening very closely to all the words that are spoken, but also reading between the lines, and hearing those words that are not spoken.”

Unemployed (disability),
Resident of Denver

“Love is caring for one another unconditionally.”


“Love is family.”

CSR at NBT Bank,

“Love is companionship, trust and strength.”

Owner of Tea Thyme
Herb Farm,

“Love is family, friends, nature and honeybees.”

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